Here's a Transcript of Pooh and Weekenders Adventures of Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams Movie.


  • (After the Opening Credits and it' starts at a library)
  • Narrator: Hello, and welcome to another Winnie the Pooh and Weekenders mixed crossover movie . I'm afraid Otis and his friends couldn't make it tonight, so I'll beguiling you with stories, Games, and wonders beyond Imagination. So let's kick things off with a joyous holiday root canal.

(Then Otis and his friends just comes)

  • ???: STOPP!!
  • Narrator: Huh?
  • Otis: Yeah and this is not the real opening sequence. You, sir, are a fraud. Roll him up, guys!

(They wrap him with a rug and throw him out a window)

  • All: It's the Pooh and Weekenders Adventures of Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams Movie!
  • Otis: Pig!
  • Pig: What? I have a Cavity.

Ending/Bonuse Scene

  • Narrator: Well, it looks like everything worked out quite nicely. Now, what do you say we close things out with a joyous holiday armpit carol? (Singing) Deck the Halls with boughs of holly. [armpit squelching]

(they come back one more time)

  • Abby: There he is!
  • Narrator: All right. All right. I'll get in the rug.
  • Otis: Actually, we were going to ask you to stay.
  • Narrator: Really?
  • Abby: Yeah, you're kind of growing on us.
  • Pig: Yeah. Plus, you're all out of rugs.
  • Narrator: Oh, bless us! Bless us, every one.
  • Otis: Come on, everbody. Armpit Carol!

(Everyone singing Deck the Halls in armpit version)

(The End)

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