This is how Possession goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark.

[Shockwave runs]

Optimus Prime: Rally to me, Autobots! We must prevent the Decepticons from getting the Dark Spark!


Sharpshot: Shockwave! The Dark Spark is this way!

Shockwave: Then Optimus does not have it. Excellent. Take me to it.

Sharpshot: Yes! Follow me!

Crystal Guardian: The Patterners argued with the Disciples of the Thirteen over the its origins. One side says it is the very spark of Unicron. The other, that it is simply an ejected corruption from the Well of Allsparks. The most radical voices, like that of Galvatron, even posit that it comes from another universe. The Patterners and Disiples argue, but the guardians take action. We have seen the Dark Spark's power. We know it must forever remain hidden.

Crystal Guardian: Kranix has disappeared. That makes another scientist who has gone missing while studying the Dark Spark. For once, the Patterners and Disciples finally agreed: The Dark Spark has been deemed too dangerous for study and has come to the guardians for safekeeping until the vault is complete. The others are afraid, but my will is strong.


Crystal Guardian: It is a thing of dark power. And though my duty is clear and my resolves strong here in the infinite quiet, I find even my will wavering. To guard an object that grants the power to bend others to your very will? A frightening thought. We must seal it within the vault as soon as we are able.

Crystal Guardian: Construction of the vault is complete. The strongest of our order are to be entombed as the eternal guardians of the Dark Spark. Jhiaxus was to be our captain, but he was discovered using the Dark Spark to control the missing Patterners. His plan to abscond with it was nearly successful. He was deactivated when he would not surrender. I volunteered to replace him. At least now the Dark Spark will be safely locked away before others can abuse its power.

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