Here is the Post-Credits Scene in Team Robot in Pokemon: Diancie & The Cocoon of Destruction.

(After the End Credits, Primus and the Other Villains Appears in the Allearth Forest)

Primus: Hello, Is anyone there, Hello?!

(But no one can hear them)

Primus: (sighs) I can't believe those fools lost to them, Hello?!

Natalia: Those Lousy Americans and their friends is getting on my nerves!

Myotismon: Somebody explain something!

(They can't hear them)

Primus: (Sighs) Fine, if it's done right, we'll just do it ourselves.

Hans: Look over there.

Yokai: Where?

Ice King: Uh, over there.

(As they Continue walking, they sees the cliff)

Primus: Hello, Fine. I'll deal with them ourselves.

Natalia: Let's go.

(They walked to the waterfall and see Argus' Airship still crashed into the lake)

Hans: What is that?

Primus: A crashed Airship, wonder how did that happened?

Natalia: Mal, You foiled again this time, But I'm getting Started.

Myotismon: Well, what did we know?

Vexus: Now we gotta plan.

Shredder: Go ahead Scan.

(Primus scans then completes reveal the data of Legendary Pokémon)

Natalia: Excellent timing.

Vexus: What is that thing?

Shredder: That's Hoopa.

Natalia: (She hears her two way radio) Yes, Tirek. We lost them. Yes Primus has scan a Legendary Pokémon.

(We cut the scene to Tirek Hears Natalia with his two way radio alongside The Dark Masters)

Tirek: Yes, indeed and I have the Dark Masters right here.

Piedmon: (Silhouette) Hello, Natalia is going well.

MetalSeadramon: (Silhouette) Yeah, we think so.

Puppetmon: (Silhouette) The Russian spies are doing really well.

Machinedramon: (Silhouette) About Hoopa.

Tirek: Head to the desert city and find that prison bottle.

(We cut the scene to Natalia and the other villains)

Hans: Is there any ideas?

Primus: Yes there is one way-

Natalia: Goodbye. (She turns off her radio)

Primus: Natalia. What does Tirek want?

Natalia: He says he's going to bring more villains to help us out, capture the Prison Bottle to possesse Hoopa and destroy Team Robot, Primus.

Primus: Perfect, now all we gotta do is go to désert city and find that prison bottle and destroy Emerl and his Team Robot once and for all.

Myotismon: Then let's go.

(As They Leave)

The End.

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