This is how the post credit scene goes in Weekenders in Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Big Picture Show.

[The sun rises on a bright new day in the cul-de-sac. In the lane, a familiar red hedge rises. Beneath it is a periscope. When we follow it, we find it leads down into the earth into the Melon Cave. Captain Melonhead cackles evilly, his costume in tatters.]

Captain Melonhead: [crazy] "This is your craazzyest plan ever, Plank! We'll show them!" [He spins Plank's chair around.] "WE'LL SHOW THEM!"

Splinter the Wonderwood:

Captain Melonhead: [leaning towards his sidekick] "They did, didn't they?" [He grins insanely.] "Yeeeaahhh..." [serious] "The goody-goody-two-shoe days of Captain Melonhead and Splinter have come to an end!" [He rushes into the darkness in the back of the cave. When he arrives, he has on a new cape.] "And out of the darkness will rise the villainous days of the Gourd!" [He plops a gourd on his head.]

The Gourd: "And his evil cohort, Timber, the Dark Shard!" [He swishes his cape dramatically.] "Together, we will exact revenge, on the entire cul. De. Sac!!!"

[The Gourd spins around evilly, laughing insanely. Suddenly, he stops.]

Timber, the Dark Shard:

The Gourd: "What?"

Timber, the Dark Shard:

The Gourd: "There's no time left?"

Timber, the Dark Shard:

The Gourd: "It's the end of the movie? What movie?"