This is how the post credits scene goes in Ryan's and Crash's adventures of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks.


Morro: It's open.

Bertram T. Monkey (bad clone): Thank you.

[Bertram (bad clone) enters the room]

Bertram T. Monkey (bad clone): Fine. I'll do it myself.

[He opens a door]

Master Xehanort: Bertram. You have arrived.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): My master. Your apprentice, Bertram is gone to the good side.

Master Xehanort: I knew this was a journey Bertram can make. Over the unseen wall that divides darkness and light.

Bertram T. Monkey (Bad clone): You'll meet him in the Friendship Games. Where is that Foundation Gauntlet?

[Bertram (bad clone) opens the safe and pulls out the Foundation Gauntlet]

Bertram T. Monkey (bad clone): Fine. I'll do what Bertram did not.

[Bertram (bad clone) puts the Foundation in his bag and goes with Xehanort ending the film with the iris out and then logos of Hasbro, Disney, HIT entertainment, BBC, Cartoon Network, Skylanders, Ryantransformers017 studios, LEGO, Transformersprimefan

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