This is how Post Credits: Makuta plans revenge goes in Ryan's Friendship Problem.

[In the Realm of Shadow]

Cody Fairbrother (Opposite): Master Makuta? Did you win?

Makuta: No. That stupid Ryan defeated me and turned Twilight back to normal.

Cody Fairbrother (Opposite): Oh well. I guess you can't win it all. Like if Bionicle world is ok. Right? Ryan Repulsa is after the Matrix. Maybe I shall take you to a nice big beach. With a nice big drink and a woman with nice big... Bags of ice for your head.

Makuta: [looks at a photo of Ryan] It's not over, Prime-Prince. Rothbart will love Princess Odette. And I will have Sunset Shimmer on my side. [laughs and goes into a portal to Odette's world with Evil Cody]

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