This is how the hunt for Diesel goes in Crash's and Ryan's Adventures of Thomas and Friends: The Great Race.

[We see the title come up on a black screen and then Crash appears looking for Diesel who is nowhere to be found while the I'm Full of Surprises: Credits version plays in the background]

Crash Bandicoot: Where could Diesel be? He's been gone for a long time.

Paxton: Try another one, Cranky.

Crash Bandicoot: Have you seen a black diesel train?

[Starlight shakes her head]

[Cranky lifts the crate but Diesel isn't inside]

Paxton: No.

Cranky: [groans]

Paxton: He's not under that one.

Cranky: Come on.

Ryan F-Freeman: Diesel!

Thomas: Diesel, if you can hear me, say something!

Paxton: Here?

Cranky: That's a good one.

[He lifts it: no Diesel]

Paxton: Uh, no, not there.

Cranky: Are you sure he came down here?

Ryan F-Freeman: Evil me. Can you see anything?

Evil Ryan: Let's find out. Activate x-ray vision!

[He scans about: no Diesel]

Evil Ryan: Nope.

Paxton: Yes. We were following him. Everyone look for a talking crate.

Sci-Ryan: Ok. Activate rocket boots.

Den, Dart and Thomas: Diesel?

Ryan F-Freeman: Diesel?

Cranky: Hold on. [but they're gone] Hey. Where are you...?

Den: Diesel!

Crash Bandicoot: Where are ya, mate!

Dart: Excuse me. Diesel?

Ryan F-Freeman: Where is he?

[A light comes on revealing Paxton]

Paxton: Diesel? [the light goes] Get out, Diesel.

Den: [talking into a crate] Diesel?

Thomas: [sighs] Where could he have got to?

[The screen fades to black and then we suddenly hear Diesel's voice in the background]

Diesel: [from the ship] OVER HERE!!

Ryan F-Freeman: Evil me. You hear him?

[Evil Ryan nods and points to a ship leaving Sodor]

Crash Bandicoot: Stop that ship!

[Ryan uses the Force to pull the ship back to the dock]

Thomas: [glares at Paxton] Paxton? Is there something you'd like to admit?

Evil Ryan: I hope Diesel is not on board. Because if he is...[his arms split into two and activates his Lightsabers] You know what will happen.

Paxton: [sighs] Alright, alright. I accidentally overlooked the crates a bit and might have accidentally put Diesel on that ship.

Sci-Ryan: Oh, Paxton.

12th Doctor: You silly engine.

Crash Bandicoot: We could get Diesel out of the box.

[The others nod and the end credits roll]

Ryan and the Dazzlings: He's full of surprises~

Just like he'll always be~

He brings some razzle dazzle to the yard~

He's full of surprises~

As we can plainly see~

He don't find being surprising all that hard~

Some would probably say~

He is only up to his old tricks~

But he'd say he's a problem solver~

Looking for a nice quick fix~

He's full of surprises~

Just like he'll always be~

He brings some razzle dazzle to the rail~

He's full of surprises~

As we can plainly see~

He's trusting his surprises to prevail~

He hopes this time his surprising doesn't fail~

We used to call him devious~

Because he had a bit of previous~

But, please you must believ-ious~

He's not that bad~

Well, maybe just a tad~

[The logos for Hasbro, BBC, Ryantransformer Studios, Disney, HIT Entertainment, Warner Bros, LEGO, Blue Sky studios, Transformersprimefan Productions, and many others appear]

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