This is how the post credits scene and the birth of Midnight Prime goes in Crash and Thomas' Sports Adventure.

[Principle Cortex was walking on the path, still cross about the CHS students cheat at the Games with magic]

Principle Cortex: They don't believe me. This is a travesty. A TRAVESTY!!!

[Ryvine approaches him from the shadows]

Principle Cortex: Hello.

Ryvine Sparkle: Hi. When I heard you say travesty, it really is. The CHS students didn't deserve to win.

Principle Cortex: I guess you're right. Who are you?

Ryvine Sparkle: I am Ryvine Sparkle. Plunder Vine Prince of Dark Friendship and Twivine's brother. But still though, not when your school was so much better in the first round.

Dr. Neo Cortex: And wanted it much more then that.

Principle Cinch: So, you're the one who those CHS students don't beleve you?

Principle Cortex: Yes. I recovered that device that Ryan use to win the Games. After they don't believe me, I was angry, full of rage, incensed beyond belief.

[Ryvine looks at Sci-Ryan's 2nd amulet]

Ryvine Sparkle: What color is it?

[The amulet glows red and purple]

Dr. Neo Cortex: We can help you make everyone believe your story. I am Dr. Neo Cortex. Star of the Crash Bandicoot video game franchise.

Principle Cinch: And I am Principle Abacus Cinch. Former Crystal Prep principle.

Principle Cortex: I'm Principle Neo Cortex of Detroit High.

Dr. Neo Cortex: Nice name. How did you got this amulet?

[Principle Cortex shows a video of Sci-Ryan using his 2nd amulet and transforms into Midnight Prime]

Ryvine Sparkle: Wait. Hold that video. Who is that?

Principle Cortex: Midnight Prime. Sci-Ryan turned into that monster when I told him to release the magic in the amulet.

Dr. Neo Cortex: You think I can make him?

Principle Cortex: Yes.

[Ryvine pulls out a protoform and puts it on the floor]

Ryvine Sparkle: Now for the amulet.

[Cortex places Sci-Ryan 2nd amulet on the protoform's chest and it changes into Midnight Prime]

Midnight Prime: [clutches his head] Ow. What happened? Why can't I win?

[Ryvine places his hand on his shoulder]

Ryvine Sparkle: You got beaten by a bandicoot named Crash and now you are my teammate. Tell me what happened at the final event of the games.

Midnight Prime: Well, that science boys principle told him to release the magic and I was created. I wanted to understand Cybertron's secrets of Transformer life but that accursed science girl ruined my opportunity.

Dr. Neo Cortex: You will get that opportunity back when you get revenge on Sci-Twi.

[Midnight Prime nods and laughs]

Ryvine Sparkle: With my brother Vortech, I found a way to rule Cybertron. But the key for this is missing elements.

Midnight Prime: Hmmm. Elements... elements... Yes. The Foundation Elements.

Dr. Neo Cortex: Right. The Foundation Elements. That's it. If we can have these artifacts including that lunchbox, we will make more power for you and you can make a weapon capable of crushing mountains, demolishing entire cities...

Ryvine Sparkle: Yeah. And my sister will finally have her revenge on Twilight and Delta Brony.

Midnidght Prime: And going back in time so I make sure Sci-Twi don't interfere!

Dr. Neo Cortex: Get ready to face our wrath, Crash Bandicoot! [laughs evilly]

[The 4 villains goes into the portal then the film ends with the iris out. Logos of Hasbro, BBC, Ryantransformer Studios, Transformersprimefan Productions, Naughty Dog, HIT Studios and others happen]

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