The Phantom Thieves, the Summoner's, Akechi and Hauyn arrived here in the Crystal Tower.

Ryuji: Okay, it's go time, Everyone!

All: Right.


Brandelis: The Ultima Gate. What do they hope to achieve?

Then he was attacked by the Champions Digimons

Brandelis: Hmph. The Champions have come. You should not have been able to reach this Castle. Why would you come here?


Brandelis: (Voice) Hurry to the Ultima Gate. Our dear Champions seem to have devised some trick.

Segwarides: (Laugh) What trick could ever redeem these wretches now?

They left

Metis: So we weren't able to stop them.

Quistis: That's not our Objective. We are here to free the Architect Soul. The Ultima Gate, we have to leave it to the Warriors.

Shelke: Right.


The Summoner's and Persona Users, Hauyn and Akechi are trying to reverse the Cogna

Lann: This is not what I call speeding.


Reynn: They're trying to reverse summon all of the Cogna at once. Give them some time.


Lann: Well-

Tehn they saw Segwarides, Dark Seiten Taisen, Dark Hecate, Dark Susano-o and Dark Anat

Seiten Taisen: What is all of this?

They saw them reversing the Cogna

Segwarides: (Gasp) It can't be!

They're going to attack them

Lann: Dad, no don't!

He, Ryuji, Yusuke, Ann and Makoto stop them

Segwarides: So, you have at last remember who those use to be. (Growl) But it's too late for you!

Ryuji: Seiten, We're sorry. we should have save you when we have the chance.

Yusuke: We were so foolish to summon you to fight Brandelis, Susano-o.

Makato: I'm deeply sorry for everything I done to you, Anat.

Ann: But instead, we just do nothing to save you and the others, Hecate.

Ryuji: Yeah... We don't listen. We won't listen!

Lann: Not unless you snap out of it right now!

Then they saw Pellinore, Dark Satanael, Dark Mercursius, Dark Astarte and Dark Prometheus

Reynn: We're so sorry, Mom.

Akira: You know, all I ever wanted to be strong like you, Satanael.

Morgana: You kept the world safe from Bad Shadows. And how they cared you for it, Mercursius.

Futaba: Still, we could see how hard you worked all the time. So we stepped up. We decided we would help, Prometheus.

Haeu: Right? We'd keep the World safe so you wouldn't have to, Astarte.

Reynn: We never thought we were hurting you by taking them away. Without you, The World crumble.

Akira: But we believed if we got strong--- just as strong as you--- We could make your life easier. We just wants you to be proud of us, you guys.

Reynn: What a know-it-all.... some things don't change. We still haven't learned. Because if we have to... We'll hurt you again!

They are fighting them and they defeated, Dark Susano-o, Dark Hecate, Dark Anat, Dark Seiten Taisen and Segwarides and they turn back to Normal 

Lann: Dad!

Yusuke: Susano-o!

Ryuji: Seiten!

Makoto: Anat!

Ann: Hecate!

They look at them, but they didn't moved meaning that they died, so they cried

Rorrik: Thank you, Son.

They saw Lord Rorrik and the other as Ghost

Lann: (Crying) Dad... We're... We're sorry. We.. we couldn't change it.

Yusuke: (Crying) It's our Fault. You're gonna be a spirit... Because of us.

Gigasmon: We've been dead for many years now. We're sorry, Lann.

Susano-o: If only we'd kept you safe from all this. Instead, we left you with no one at all to turn to.

Hecate: This here is just the spirit oy our soul and spirit. Our very last hurrah... You see? There's nothing to feel bad about.

Ann: Of course, we feel bad about it!

Rorrik: Lann. My son. (Chuckles)

Lann: What is​ it?

Seiten: We're... Proud of you.

Ryuji: About what?

Rorrik: You've grown up. Look at you. When people hurt, you hurt. You fight for them.

Anat: You've become someone who cares about more than your own cause.

Rorrik: Hang on to that, and you'll go for.

They went inside them and their gone

Lann: Dad!

They went off to help Reynn and the others

Reynn: Mom!

Akira: Satanael!

Morgana: Mercursius!

Haru: Astarte!

Futaba: Prometheus!

Pellinore: No! Stay back! It's still... (Scream)

The Dark Power is giving them alot of strength

Lann: Reynn!! Guys!

They are fighting them and they defeated them, but they still get up

Lann: Enough!

He, Ryuji, Yusuke, Makoto and Ann Weapons has change into Ultimate, they're going to Pellinore, Kumamon and the other know what will happen

Akira: No! You have to stay control of your power, guys!

They control their power and cage them then the Spirits of Lady Lusse, Satanael, Mercursius, Astarte and Prometheus

Akira: Satanael...

Morgana: Mercursius...

Haru: Astarte...

Futaba: Prometheus...

Reynn: Mom...

They began to cry

Reynn: Mom.. We're so sorry. We...

Lusse: You should turn those corners up, or your happiness will spill right out.

Satanael: Come on, Smile.

They smile and the spirits of Lady Lusse and the other went to them and they cry again, and then Brandelis appeared

Brandelis: Hmm.. Transient through their presence here was, it is curious you managed to defeat them.

Minato: Sorry, we can't stop him!

Morgana: Don't worry, we will!

All: Yeah!

Yu: Careful, he can Transform!

They are fighting him and defeated him

Lann: Alright!

Reynn: We won?

Squall: No, not yet.

Brandelis get up

Brandelis: Fools. I have hunted the world's of A for ages! But yours was the very first in which I made true progress. Which mean, I can now bring my rules into your world. And I happen to be exceedingly fond of my rules... Observe!

He transform into a Beast

Brandelis: Do you see! I have infinite life, and power beyond all limits! There is no force that can stand before me! Not even the Champions of this A-World can vanquish me. So! Your choice. Will you bow before my rules? Or will I watch you snap, as the rules of my world break you!

They are fighting him and defeated him

Brandelis: Interesting... Curse you, A... You and your infuriating power...

He reverted back to his form 

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