Power Pet Patrol is a new movie created by Transformersprimefan. 


After getting their Power Pony Patrol dolls stolen by Brittany and Whittany, the LPS Pets become the Power Pet Patrol to get them back.


The TV Show/Brittany and Whittany steal the dolls

The pets are watching the Power Pony Patrol and Brittany swipes the pets' dolls with Whittany in hot pursuit. Russell Ferguson quickly suggests becoming the Power Pet Patrol. However, he insists on using the pets squeaky toys as their costume containers. Zoe becomes Designer Dog, Peppar becomes the Smelly Princess, Vinnie Terrior becomes the Slippery Dancer, Minka becomes Elasti-Monkey, Sunil becomes El Cobra Cabra, Russell becomes Captain Prickles and Penny Ling becomes Pandamonium. The seven super pets then set off to rescue the Power Pony Patrol.

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