Pooh And The group is playing volleyball outdoors when the Putties appear. Baboo & Jyuken has concocted a potion that he drops in the Rangers' drinks while the Putties act as a diversion. The Putties disappear. Kimberly and Billy drink the tainted drinks. Feeling the effects, they angrily knock the other drinks off the table before Pooh And The Others & Zack, Trini and Jason can have theirs. Billy and Kimberly snap at the others and leave.

Rita & Nyanma orders Finster & Rouran to make her a monster And Send A Time Shifter Too, and the Terror Toad & Mosbee are chosen. Finster refers to the monster as large, hungry and quite mean & For Mosbee He Can Shoot Ice For His Ears.

At school the next day, Kim and Billy show up dressed differently. They blow off their peers, and Billy threatens Bulk while Kimberly flirts with Skull. Zordon and Alpha teleport the Rangers to the Command Center. The two affected Rangers are sealed away from the others Zordon & Aura explains what has happened to Billy and Kimberly, and that they need to find a magical Singing Squash to create an antidote. It's a rare root that can only be found in another dimension. A very hungry Terror Toad & The Freezing Mammoth Mosbee-Con hits Earth so Our Heroes, The 12 Warriors & the remaining Rangers go to deal with it.

Our Heroes & The Rangers have trouble with the Terror Toad especially when they see it is literally always hungry. Terror Toad eats the Yellow Ranger and an image of her helmet appears on its belly. Obviously still hungry it goes after Red Ranger and Black Ranger. Alpha has to get the Singing Squash on its own. In another dimension, Alpha Along With Bubblegum & Dipper fends off some Putties before getting the root.

The monster eats the Black Ranger, leaving the Red Ranger & Bakumaru & The Others to fight the increasingly hungry Terror Toad & Mosbee-Con alone. Alpha is able to cure Kimberly and Billy with the antidote. They morph and join Jason & Bakumaru & The Others. Terror Toad's weakness is its throat. Blue and Pink Ranger cut off the monster's horn. The Terror Toad then uses its tonuge to ensnare and eat the Red Ranger and as it chews Pink Ranger spots its weakpoint. Terror Toad then eats Blue Ranger and nearly eaten Dave but was spat out due to his fur clogging his throat and Pink Ranger & Tart are pushed aside by Baboo & Jyuken. Growing even hungrier Terror Toad & Mosbee-con is about to eat Pink Ranger along with Tart & Freeze Our Heroes but she shoots Terror Toad's throat with arrows & With The Help Of Batterball-Master and the other four Rangers Free From Terror Toad's belly and the others are freed from Mosbee-Con's Freeze Power . Pink Ranger & Batterball-Master then kills the Terror Toad by shooting an arrow & his fireballs straight into its mouth before it can eat them over again And Bakumaru Using His Revealing Mirror To Restoring Mosbee To Normal. Baboo & Jyuken runs away and Rita & Nyanma gets yet another headache.

Jason, Zack, Bakumaru, Along With Pooh And The Others And Gaou, Uri, Pochiro, Pakaracchi, Hols. Nyorori, And Monk are playing volleyball at the Youth Center while Dave had to spend the rest of the day cleaning and sterilizing himself from the almost being through anexperience of almost being eaten by the terror toad.Bulk and Skull challenge the gang to an impromptu volleyball game at the Youth Center, but end up getting caught in the net together.


The Beginning Scene When The Guys Play Voleyball

Jason: All Right Guys Let's Go

They Play Volleyball

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace Baboo & Jyuken Are Preparing Something Really Nasty

Baboo: The Long Team Conected With This Small Tube

Jyuken: And So Connected To This Another Small Tube

Baboo: I Think We Got Everything Jyuken

Jyuken: Let's See Snail Slime

Jyuken: Spider Legs, Poision Ivy, Rattle Snake Lips

Jyuken: All Done Good

Baboo: Let's See If This Works

Jyuken Adds The Formula And Suddenly A Little Explosion Appears

Jyuken: Excelent Baboo

Baboo: Our Punk Potion Is Ready

Jyuken: You Know Rita & Nyanma Will Be So Proud Of Us And So They Makes Us Our Own Planet

Meanwhile On Earth.

Baboo: I Hope They Make Motorized This Thing

Jyuken: Thats What Bicycles Do

Jyuken: That's The Place Baboo Drop The Potion

Baboo Drops The Potion

Baboo: Look Out Power Geeks!

Kimberly: Wow Im So Thirsty

Billy: Here

Kimberly: Thanks

Billy: Bottoms Up!

Billy & Kimberly Dranks The Juices But They Don't Know They Are Drinking Baboo & Jyuken's Potion

Tart: Hey You Are Okay

Evil Kimberly: Get Out Of My Face

Evil Billy: Yeah Get Out Of My Face

Jason: What's Wrong With You

Billy: Nothing

Nyorori: Guys Guys Calm Down What About Playing Volleyball Again Nyorori

Evil Kimberly: No Volleyball Volleyball It's For Dorks

Evil Billy: Yeah You Guys Are DORKS!

Evil Billy: Come On Let's Kicking

Evil Kimberly Laughs

Pochiro: I Think The Sun Burned Down

Monk: Hey Bakumaru, Bakumaru

Monk Snaps His Fingers

Bakumaru Destrance

Bakumaru: What

Monk: Something Wrong

Bakumaru: Nothing I Think Something Strange Happen To Those Two

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita Evil Laughs

Rita: Excelent

Nyanma: Finster, Rouran Make us A Monster & And Send The Next Time Shifter

Rita: So A Toad & A Wooly Mammoth

Nyanma: And So A Bad One And Chilling We Asume

Rouran: Yeah And So And Correct It's The Terror Toad & Mosbee My Queens

Finster:It's Large Hungry And For Mosbee A Great Terror From The Ice Age

Rita: Enough Talking Prepare Them Now Gentlemen

Meanwhile In Angel Grove's High School

Zack Appears

Zack: Hey Guys What's Up

Hols: Hi Zack

Souffle: You Know I Hope Billy & Kimberly Will Be Okay

Zack: Yeah

Zack Open His Locker

Bulk & Skull Appears

Bulk Punches His Locker

Bulk: Hey Skull

Skull Cleans His Cranium

Bulk: Skull

Bulk: This Thing It's Stucked Again

Bulk: Stupid Locker

Bulk Punches His Locker

Skull: Yeah Stupid Locker

He Begins To Punch Like Bulk

Bulk Opens His Locker And His Food Falls Over

Everyone Laughs

Tart: Instead Of A Locker He Put A Trash Can

Bulk: Hey

They Look To Billy & Kimberly's Evil Look

Evil Billy: Hey

Evil Billy Holds The Kid

Bulk: Would You Look At That

Bakumaru: Blasted Rocks!

Evil Billy: Hey Where's You Lunch Money Kid!

Evil Kimberly: Yeah Give It Up

Kid: I Don't Have It

Evil Billy: You Are Worthless!

Drops The Kid

Cream: Hi Kim, Billy

Zack: Hey Whats Goin On

Evil Kimberly: Hey Tough Guy You Are My Kind Of Man! What You Say If Me And You At Saturday Night And Tearr Of The Town

Skull: Well Okay

Bakumaru: I May Throw Up

Dave Felis: So Am I

Skull & Kim Laughs

Bulk: Hey Wait A Minute It's Some Kind Of Trick

Evil Billy: Hey Man You Are Not Baddest On The Block Anymore So Don't Ask Stupid Questions GOT IT!


Evil Billy: GOT IT!

Bulk (squeaky voice): Yeah Got It

Trini: What's With Them

Zack: Those Two Are Against On Us

Jason: We Know

Meanwhile In The Command Center

Alpha: Aiye Aiye Aiye

Alpha: Billy & Kimberly Have Gone Punked

Alpha: What Should We Do

Aura: Teleport Pooh And The Others And The Power Rangers Here

Zordon: In Case Billy & Kimberly Transfer In A Transfer Force Field

Alpha: Right

Alpha Teleports Pooh And His Friends And The Power Rangers

Evil Billy: Hey What's This!

Touches The Cell And Electrize Him

Evil Kimberly: When We Get Out Of Here We Are Going To Kick Your Sorry Butts!

Evil Kimberly & Billy Laughs

The Time Shifters Are Terrified

Trini: Whats Wrong With Them Zordon

Zordon: Look At The Viewing Globe

Aura: Baboo & Jyuken Has Put A Potions In Their Drinks In The Park And Cause Them To Turn To Good To Bad

Zordon: The Only Cure It's A Potion Made By Of The Sabium Of The Singing Squash

Zordon: It's Found In Some Dimensional Depths

Zordon: Eons Ago With The Time Shifter Mosbee When I Discover The Singing Squash

Zordon: Rita & Nyanma Sends The Putties To Stop Me

Zordon: The Battle Was Fierce

Zordon: But I Was To Repeal Them With The Squash

And So The Singing Squash Begins To Noise The Putties

Bakumaru: I Don't Know Whats Worse The Putties, The Jyarei Monsters Or That Squash

Zordon: Drinking The Sabium Of The Singing Squash That's The Only Thing To Save Billy & Kimberly For Returning To Normal

Souffle: That Won't Be Easy

Evil Kimberly: Quit Staring That

Evil Billy: Yeah Take Us A Picture That Look's Good

They Begin To Laugh

The Alarm Was Sound

Alpha: Aiye Aiye Aiye

Zordon: Rita & Nyanma Has Taken Of The Situation And Unleashes The Terror Toad And Mosbee On Earth They Must Be Stopped

Dave Felis: Man I Hate Toads

Evil Kimberly: Whoa Look At That Cool Frog & That Fluffy Elephant Worths Bill


Gaou: What's That Thing

Aura: It's Rita & Nyama's Most Evil Creation Yet The Terror Toad It Has A Enourmous Apetite And His Companion Its The Time Shifter Mosbee He Has The Ability To Send Ice From His Trunk Be Careful And Let The Power Protect You

Bakumaru: Ready!


The MMPR Logo Appears

Zack: Mastodon

Trini: Saber Toothed Tiger

Jason: Tyrannosaurus

Jason: All Right Rangers Let's Go

They Begin To To Attack The Teror Toad

Mosbee: I'm Going Buddy

Mosbee: Mosbee Shapeshift To Mosbee-Con

Mosbee Uses His Club To Punch Zack & The Others

And Freeze The ETO Rangers Except Bakumaru And Dave.

Zack: All Right You Had It You Pachiderm Face

Dave Felis: You Are Going To Make Me Sick Toad!

Bakumaru: No Guys They Are Too Powerful We Gotta Need A New Plan

Meanwhile In The Command Center

Alpha: Aiye Aiye Aiye That Toad And Mosbee-Con Are A Real Terror

Dipper: I Don't Believe It My Own Brother Destroying Them

Aura: Alpha We Have Located The Dimensional Depths That Contains The Singing Squash

Zordon: Since Jason, Bakumaru, Dave And Zack Are Busy Fighting The Monsters We Must Send You With Bubblegum & Dipper To Retrieve It

Alpha: Oh Why Me

Aura: Unfortunatly Billy & Kimberly Are Not Good At The Possible Time As You Observe

Bubblegum: Look's Like We Don't Have Another Choice

Dipper: The Princess Is Right Alpha We Must Go Now

Alpha: Oh Yes I See What You Mean

Evil Kimberly: Hey What Are We Going To Get Out Of Here

Evil Billy: YEAH!

Alpha: Teleporting Now Let's Go Guys

Alpha,Bubblegum & Dipper Are Teleported To The Dimensional Depths

Evil Billy: Hey Greenheads

Evil Billy: Why Don't Keep That Frog And The Fluffy Elephant And Let Us Out Of Here

EvIl Kimberly: Yeah You Big Brains Geekoids

They Begin To Laugh

Aura: You Will Be Released When We Finish Our Mission

Meanwhile In The Dimensional Depths

Alpha: Look There It Is Why This Is More Easier Than We Thought

The Putties Appears

Dipper: Oh No Putty Patrollers

Alpha: Activating Internal Defenses

Alpha Activates The Defenses

Dipper Holds The Singing Squash

Dipper: Take That You Clay Pinheads

The Singing Squash Begins To Torment The Putties

Bubblegum: We Gotta Get Back To The Command Center

Bubblegum: I Just Hope Jason, Bakumaru And The Others Are Not Late

The Fight Continues

And The Terror Toad Begins To Eat Zack

Terror Toad: You Power Rangers Are Really Tasty

Bakumaru: ZACK!

Terror Toad: Don't Worry There's Plenty Of Room For You And You Are Going To Be Part Of Mosbee-Con's Freeze Statues

Bakumaru: In Your Dreams

Meanwhile In The Command Center

Aura: Jason, Bakumaru And Dave Are In Big Trouble Of The Terror Toad And Mosbee-Con Alpha

Zordon: Billy & Kimberly Must Drink The Juice Of The Singing Squash And Hurry

Alpha: The Mixture Is Complete

Bubblegum: Hurry The Time Is Running Out

Alpha Brings The Drinks To Billy & Kimberly

Kimberly: Finally Something To Drink

Billy: Yeah The Service Here Stinks!


Dipper: Power Grid Deactivate

They Desactivate The Cell

And Billy & Kimberly Are Back To Normal

Kimberly: Hey Alpha, Bubblegum, Dipper

Dipper: Um Kimberly You Should Better Check Out Yourself

Kimberly: YUCK

Kimberly: What Happen To My Nails

Billy: Guys

Kimberly: Look!

(They Noticed The Terror Toad And Mosbee-Con At The Viewing Globe)

Billy: Those Are Jason, Bakumaru, Dave & Tart

Billy: What's Going On

Kimberly: I Don't Know Who's They Fighting

Kimberly: Totally Gruesome As A Toad

Billy: And May I Believe It's That Your Brother Dipper

Dipper: That's Correct

Dipper: It's Completley Indestructible

Aura: And The Terror Toad Could Be Defeated In One Way Remove His Horn And Look For His Weak Spot

Kimberly: Jason And Bakumaru & The Others Are In Big Trouble

Zordon: Billy, Kimberly You Must Help Jason, Bakumaru, Dave And Tart Before He's Got Swallowed By The Terror Toad And Freeze Them By Mosbee-Con

Aura: Good Luck And May The Power Protect You

Billy & Kimberly: It's MORPHIN Time.

The MMPR Logo Appears

Kimberly: Pterodactyl

Billy: Triceratops

They Enter In Action

Bakumaru: Man We Glad To See You

Dave Felis: Be Careful Those Guys Are A Tough Ones

Tart: He's Finally Captured Trini & Zack And The Others They Turn It Into Frozen Ice Statues

The Scene When The Terror Toad Eats Billy & Dave

The Terror Toad Eats Billy & goes for Dave

Kimberly: BILLY!

Tart: DAVE!

But just as it would seem Dave would be the next meal, Dave was spat out

Terror Toad: Gah, that was awful, man.

Dave: You're making a grave mistake, Toad. Because, Animals taste terrible.

Terror Toad: Even with lots of Ketchup

Dave: Even with lots of Ketchup. Am I right? Have we've been accused on the menu?

Tart and Kimberly: Oh-no.

Dave: See?

Terror Toad: Grrrr, you're lucky I haven't got any ketchup. Instead of eating you, cat, I'll let Mosbee-con freeze ya.

Dave: Oh Boy

Mosbee-con fires an ice beam at Dave and turned him into a catcicle

Tart and Kimberly: DAVE!

Tart: You Have It You Two

Baboo: No You Don't

Baboo & Jyuken Pushes Kimberly & Tart

Kimberly: Baboo

Tart: Jyuken

Jyuken: In Flesh & Fur

Terror Toad: Now Only Need Two One To Go

Jyuken: Right Let's Get Them

Nyorori: Hols It's Not Time To Get Turned Into Freezing Bull Meat Instead Get Your Eyes Focused In Jyuken's Fur Is RED!

Bakumaru: YES!

Bakumaru evil Laughs

Jyuken: What Are You Laughing About

Bakumaru: You Better Watch Out Jyuken

Jyuken: For What

Bakumaru: Why Don't Tell Him

Bakumaru: Now Hols!

Jyuken Screams

Hols: Fur, Red Red Red

Hols Transforms Into A Bull And Get's Free From Mosbee-Con's Freeze Attack

Jyuken: Get Out Of Me You Bully!

And Pushes Jyuken

Bakumaru Free From Mosbee's Attack Too

Bakumaru: Good Timing Hols!

Mosbee-Con: It's Impossible No One Can Escape From My Freeze Attack

Bakumaru: Think Again Mosbee

Bakumaru: All Right It's Time For Playing Ice With Fire

Tart: Bakumaru I Think Batterball It's The Perfect Candidate

Bakumaru: Good Choice Tart

Bakumaru: Spirit Summon: Batterball

The Batterball Egg Appears And Turns Into Batterball

Batterball: Hiya Guys

Kimberly: Batterball I Know The Situation Is Completley Critical I Think Should Better Transform Right Away

Batterball: Don't Worry Kimberly I'm On It

Batterball's Eyes Are On Fire

Baterball: Batterball Shapeshift To Batterball-Master

Batterball & Kimberly Launches His Fire Balls & And Arrows To Attack Mosbee-Con, Jyuken, Baboo And The Terror Toad

And So The Rangers Are Free From The Terror Toad's Stomach and The Rest Of The ETO Rangers & Dave are free from their icy prison

Terror Toad: Now We're Mad

Jason: LET'S DO IT

Terror Toad: No More Mr Nice Toad

Jason: You Are Going Down Wartface

Bakumaru: And You Are Going Down Hard Too Mosbee-Con

Zack: You Have It Fly Breath

Dave Felis: Give It Up You 2 You Are Going To Be Toast

Jason: Kimberly, Batterball Power Bow And Fireballs

Kimberly: Right

Kimberly: Ready Batterball

Batterball M: I'm With You Kim

Kimberly & Batterball Launches The Arrows & And The Fireballs On Terror Toad's Mouth

Batterball M: Here Goes The Main Course For You Overgrowed Amphibian

Batterball Master Launches The Fireballs On The Terror Toad's Mouth

And The Terror Toad Explodes

Tart: Bakumaru, The Revealing Mirror

Bakumaru: Roger, Jyarei Reveal

The Revealing Mirror Shoots His Laser On Mosbee Con And Nyanma's Stamp Is Erased On His Head

And Turning Mosbee To Normal

Mosbee: Great Woo Hoo I'm Back To Normal Thank You So Much, Rangers.

Kimberly: Nobody Messes With My Friends

Jyuken: Oh Bummer We Gotta Get Outta Here

Baboo: I'm With You Jyuken

Baboo & Jyuken Runs

Rita & Nyanma: Oh We Got Such A Headaches That Hurts

Meanwhile In The Youth Center They Are Training

Cream: It's Nice To You And Billy Be Back To Normal

Bulk & Skull Appears

Drago: Hey Guys Check Out

Skull: Hey Babe You Are Ready For Teaaar Of The Town

Kimberly: Get Your Hands Off Me

Skull: Hey I Thought We Have A Date

Skull: Or Maybe We Could Get Some Frogs Legs

Bulk: Or Maybe We Can (Sprays On His Mouth) Make It A Double Date

Kimberly: EWWW

Trini: YUCK!

Billy: Kimberly & Trini Don't Date Neanderthals

Bakumaru: Especially From The Prehistoric Age

Bulk: Okay Wimp You Are Not So Tough Anymore

Bulk: And I Going To Show You

Skull: Yeah We're Going To Show You

Bulk: Give Me The Ball Goggle Eyes

Pochiro: Give It Up Guys This I Going To See

Bakumaru Snaps His Fingers

Bakumaru: Okay, GENTLEMEN! Let's Start The Game

Drumroll And Trumpets

Pooh & The Others & The Male ETO Rangers: Aiye Aiye Colonel!

Dave In The Showers

Dave: I'm Not Going Anywhere Until I Get Rid Of These Toad Germs On My Body

Tart: Whatever

Cream: Work Hard

Cream: Hey Bakumaru Work Hard Okay

Cream Winks Bakumaru's Eye

Pakaracchi: The Youth Is Really A Good Healthy Spirit

They Begin To Play Volleyball

And Accidently Bulk & Skull Falls Over The Net

Bulk: I Hate Volleyball

Skull: Yeah I Hate Volleyball

Everyone Laughs

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