Power Rangers Zenosquad is an spin-off series for Pooh's Adventures Chronicles Series which set after the film


Four mouths after the event of the film, ???, Kyle, Bruce the Shark, Knox, Hayley and Sakura become the Power Rangers Zenosquad once again when they learn that Emperor Darkfiend somehow revived along with his wife and his childrens. Plus, he sent a message thoughtout the galazy. There for, resurfing the ToxiHorrors. Now, the six Rangers must continues their battles with the ToxiHorrors. Later, the Rangers get new members, new powers and new zords. Also, they encounter new enemies. 



  • ???/Red Zenosquad Ranger 
  • Lyle Hugginson/Black Zenosquad Ranger 
  • Bruce the Shark/Blue Zenosquad Ranger 
  • Malcoln "Knox" Knoxford III/Green Zenosquad Ranger 
  • Hayley Steele/Yellow Zenosquad Ranger 
  • Sakura Haruno/Pink Zenosquad Ranger 


Legendary Power Rangers 

Other Heroes 

Minor Heores 

Guest Heroes 

Supporting Characters 


Other Villains 

Minor Villains 

Guest Villains 


Season 1

  • Tikiron (2-3) 


Zords & Megazord 


Season 1

  1. Zenosquad Returns Pt. 1: Four mouths after the event of the film, ??? have dreams of the ToxiHorrors king somehow survived. Than, its came true. Now, ???, Lyle, Bruce the Shark, Knox, Hayley and Sakura become the Power Rangers Zenosquad, once again. But, before they can morph into action, they encounter a woman and her childrens who claim to be Emperor Darkfield's family! 
  2. Zenosquad Returns Pt. 2: After saving the day, the Zeznosquad Rangers meet their mentor, Hopor, who is badly hurts, the Rangers continues their fight against the ToxiHorrors. Than, Emperor Darkfield sent a monster to take care of the Rangers while they trying to find a bomb which is hidden in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-Carrire. 
  3. Zenosquad Returns Pt. 3: After stopping the bomb, the Rangers still battles Tikiron who transform into a giant monster. Now, the Rangers must call in thier zords. But, the only problem is, they forgot that their Zords is not ready until tomorrow. What would out heroes do right?

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