This is how Power cut in the Autobot Base goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Attack of the Clones.

[We see the Autobot Base and a storm going on outside]

[We then see Ryan, the Autobots, Code Red, and the gang going about their business]

[Suddenly, the power goes out]

Air Strike: Ah come on!

Meg Griffin: What now?

Nighlock: Can we tell stories until the power comes back on?

Major Malfunction: [looks at Optimus] Sounds good to me. [looks at Zoidberg] If an electric plant was knocked out, it's coming out of your pay.

Dr. John A. Zoidberg: [cries]

[Ryan and Odette speak up]

Ryan F-Freeman: Me and Odette have a story to tell.

Bucky Barnes: Fire away.

Ryan F-Freeman: Gather around everyone.

Nighlock: [ignites his hands with his fire]

Odette: For today, we will tell you the story of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

[The screen goes black]

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