Here is how Practice making Hoofpaints and Washing hooves goes in Luna and Yuna.

The practice is on.

Princess Luna: Are you ready for hoofpainting?

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

Princess Luna: (brought dark blue magic paint)

Baby Yuna: (gurgling)

Princess Luna: Now, Watch me. (place her hoof and started painting)

Baby Yuna: (doing exactly as she does)

Princess Luna: Very good, Yuna.

Baby Yuna: (splash a little paint on the white sheet)

Princess Luna: (laughs)

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

After making hoofpaints.

Princess Luna: (looked at her hooves) We better wash our hooves.

Baby Yuna: (happy gurgling)

Princess Luna: (washed her hooves and Yuna's)

Baby Yuna: (laughs)

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