This is how the foals practicing baseball and Roar Omega Roar picked on Yuna and her friends goes in The Headliners.

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Title shown "The Headliners".

Dusty Crophopper: Is everyone ready for Baseball Practice?

Foals: Yes!

Ishani: Alright then, Let's get started!

Princess Yuna: Throw it here.

Dusty Crophopper: Go, Zeñorita Cebra!

Zeñorita Cebra: (throws the ball)

Eliza: Alright!

Snowdrop: Come on, Golden Apple, throw it in here to Willow Apple!

Pound Cake: Head down! Head down!

Golden Apple: Yee Haw!

Pumpkin Cake: Alright, Golden Apple!

Ishani: This is quite the game, Isn't it, Dusty?

Dusty Crophopper: It sure is, Ishani.

Diamond Tiara: I'm really happy for your daughter practicing baseball, Princess Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: Thank you, Diamond Tiara. And I'm glad you and Silver Spoon get to watch Golden Scissor and Bronze Bracelet play.

Princess Twila: Mommy! Daddy! Watch me pitching!

Flash Sentry: Alright, Sweetie, We're watching!

Princess Twila: (pitches the ball)

Flash Sentry: Look at them go, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: I know, Flash, They're really good at it.

Emerald: (made it home as she slipped on the sand) This is fun! Mommy! Daddy! Are you watching!?

Rarity: Bravo, Sweetheart!

Spike: That's our little filly!

Suddenly, Roar Omega Roar barged in the field.

Johnny J. Worthington, III: Well, Well, Well, What do we have here?

Dusty Crophopper: (as Kuzco) What do you want?

Chet Alexander: We have a practice scheduled here. You gotta go.

Treasurer: I thought your practice was at 4:30.

Johnny J. Worthington, III: It is. But we wanna have a practice before our practice.

Bronze Bracelet: Oh, okay. Can we hit with you?

Chet Alexander: No, you suck. Why don't you go home and build your science projects?

Golden Scissor: Look, there's room for all of us. We'll just play catch off to the side.

Johnny J. Worthington, III: Listen, we have a game tomorrow......and there's only one field to practice on. So beat it! (pushes Golden Scissor)

Turbo: Well, That's uncalled for!

Chet Alexander: Care to go for a little spin!? (spinning Golden Scissor as Johnny use a rope and holds him upside down)

Chet: We gotta do something!

Diamond Tiara: Hey! Get off him!

Chet Alexander: Later, Shrimps! (laughs)

Silver Spoon: Yeah, you better run!

Diamond Tiara: Golden Scissor, Are you all right?

Golden Scissor: Yeah, I'm fine, Mom.

Silver Spoon: Bronze Bracelet, Sweetie, Is there anything we can do to make you and Golden Scissor feel any better?

Bronze Bracelet: I'll be okay, Mom.

Princess Yuna: Why do these guys have to be so cruel?

Princess Sharon: I don't know, Yuna. But this just isn't right.

Princess Yuna: What do you think?

Princess Sharon: I think they should learn some manners.

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