The Predacons are a race of ancient Cybertronian beasts. Originally led by the one called "the Predaking", the ancient Predacons were the largest Cybertronians to be born from the Well of All Sparks, emerging from its depths on the final day of the genesis of Cybertron's biosphere. Enormous, savage, and draconic in form, these creatures were once among the mightiest beings on Cybertron, second only to the last surviving members of the Thirteen. While other inhabitants of prehistoric Cybertron learned to extract Energon from the ground, the Predacons hunted other Cybertronians for their energon, draining their prey's Energon and cycling the metallic remains out of their system. However, tragedy struck their kind during a disaster known as the Great Cataclysm, in which dire circumstances rendered the entire race extinct.

In more recent times, however, the Decepticon scientist Shockwave has discovered the trick to cloning the ancient beasts from preserved CNA samples found in fossilized Predacon remains. Finding successful results, Shockwave's efforts have given birth to new iterations of these ancient beasts—such as the new Predaking—who have evolved beyond the originals, learning even how to transform! Furthermore, Shockwave's experiments have even extended to splicing the CNA samples into normal Cybertronians, leading to hybrids like his devout disciple Ser-Ket.

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