This is how Predaking frees the Predacons and they fight Shockwave in The Great Predacon Caper.

Shockwave: I'll be out for a while, Predaking. So, you keep an eye on the Predacon clones whilst I'm gone, alright?

Predaking: Yes, master. [Shockwave leaves, Predaking watches then turns back to the cloned Predacons and grins evilly] If it takes you long enough. He-he-he-he! [activates the Predacons] Join me, my brothers and sisters! Together, we can rule Earth and Cybertron! And the Decepticons [swallows] Will do our bidding!

[The Predacons come alive and step out of their cloning chambers]

Predacons: Yes, lord Predaking!

[Out in the hall, Shockwave is walking. The Predacons suddenly come up behind him]

Shockwave: [sees them] Why are you out of your cloning chambers?

Ripclaw: Because, we grew tired of our prisons and longed to fulfil our destiny.

Laserback: As our leader, Predaking, longed for the day we were free.

Sky Stalker: And that day... has come at last.

Shockwave: WHAT?!

Grimwing: We shall finish what we started all of those years ago, and we will finally have our victory!

Predaking: [walks into view] Our long going friendship is over, Shockwave! Predacons, ATTACK!!!!!!

[the Predacons charge at Shockwave, who tries to fend them off but they overpower him and race off. Predaking stares at Shockwave for a moment and then points]

Predaking: We have been under your control for too long, Shockwave! [transforms into beast mode and leaves]

[Shockwave stares after the fleeing Predacons]

Shockwave: [weakly] Why, Predaking? Why? [falls into stasis lock]


Ratchet: Optimus! I am seeing multiple Predacon activity going on.

Optimus Prime: Then maybe, we should go check it out.

Ratchet: Okay. But let's just hope there isn't any Predacon interference. [opens the Space Bridge]

Optimus Prime: Thomas, Bumblebee, Knock Out, Arcee, Hiro, James, Rarity, Ari, Twilight Sparkle, you'll come with me. [to the rest of the group] The rest of you stay here in case any Predacons show up.

Thomas: Yes! I can't wait to see what these beasts can do.

[Optimus and his group step through the Space Bridge. They soon arrive at Shockwave's laboratory, where they find Shockwave in stasis lock and severely damaged]

Thomas: [gasps] [runs over] Shockwave! Wake up! What happened? [shakes him a little]

Shockwave: [wakes up and coughs] [(weakly) Predaking betrayed me. He and his Predacons are now on a rampage across the globe. You must use these weapons if you are to stop them. [holds up the animal weaponry and dies]

Thomas: Shockwave! Shockwave!

Bumblebee: I suppose he is right. We need to use these things if we're gonna stop those Preds.

Optimus Prime: Bumblebee is right. We should tell the others.

Thomas: But we can't just leave Shockwave here to die. We need to get him to the Nemesis Medical Bay.

Optimus Prime: Then, we shall bring him too.

[the group arrives back on the Nemesis, where Ratchet tends to Shockwave whilst Knock Out hooks him up to a Life Support machine]

Ratchet: The Predacons sure made a quick move on Shockwave. I don't know if he'll make it.

Rarity: Well, let's just hope he does.

Thomas: Shockwave did say that these weapons were our only hope of stopping the Predacons. So I suggest that we use them like he said.

Rainbow Dash: Are you crazy?!

Gordon: Thomas, we can't trust Shockwave! He's a Decepticon scientist!

Thomas: Maybe so, but we still have to trust him even if he is our enemy.

Ari: Thomas is right. After all, these weapons are our only hope.

Twilight Sparkle: So we do have to trust him.

Knock Out: I'll try to help Shockwave. If I can get him restored.

Thomas: Thanks, Knock Out. Grimlock, Dinobots, what do you say?

Grimlock: [growls in agreement]

Scorn: I agree.

Thomas: Alright! Team, let's do this!

Everyone: Friendship is Magic!

[Everyone is getting ready for action whilst the A-Team theme is playing]

Bumblebee: Yeah! [puts on his Eagleshot Bow]

Arcee: Alright! [positions her Echo Hawk Bow]

Bulkhead: Let's do this! [slaps on his Dragon Grinder]

Wheeljack: Time to do some wrecking! [pulls out his Falcon Spear]

Grimlock: [transforms into his T-Rex mode]

Thomas: Now, charge!

Twilight: But wait! What if it's not safe and we have to take them all on?

Thomas: Don't worry, Twi. Everything will be fine.

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