Here is how Prehistoric Ceremony and Discord and Catrina's Picnic Date goes in Discord Baby Blues.

Princess Yuna: I'm so excited about the Ceremony.

Snowdrop: What's happening at the ceremony, Luna?

Princess Luna: It's the Prehistoric Ceremony, Snowdrop. It's where we'll witness the Extinct species of animals after 60,000 years.

Prince Isamu: (fusses over the Microraptors)

Princess Luna: Alright, Isamu. We'll go see the Microraptors.

Hiro: You get to feed them Peanuts.

Prince Isamu: (embraces the Microraptors)

Duck: Are you looking forward to the Prehistoric Ceremony, Celestia?

Princess Celestia: Indeed I am, My Beloved Husband.

Twilight Sparkle: I remember Jurassic Park.

Thomas: People once brought back Dinosaurs with embryos which contained the mosquito.

Princess Yuna: Alan Grant and his friends will see more Extinct Animals soon.

Britannic: Indeed they will, Princess Yuna. Indeed they will.

Titanic: The Ceremony has begun!

Olympic: Little Edmond, It's time you preform your act of taming a Smilodon.

Prince Edmond: Here goes nothing. (succeeded tamed the Smilodon)

The crowd cheered.

Prince Indy: (fusses over the Columbian Mammoth)

Princess Anna: (fusses over the Woolly Mammoth)

Princess Celestia: Duck, I think they wanted to see if the Mammoths are ready to be ridden.

Duck: Well, Why don't we.

Human Fluttershy: Thank you for inviting us to come.

Fluttershy: We're just glad you all wanted too. Are you girls having fun?

Arachna: Yes, Mom.

Emerald: Mom! Rarity! I get to feed the Anurognathus. (as the Anurognathus flew to her)

Human Rarity: My! She must be very great with them.

Rarity: Indeed she is.

Human Rarity: So, Who are we missing.

Fluttershy: My bestest friend, Discord and his new girlfriend, Catrina. I wonder where they are.

Meanwhile, Discord and Catrina .

Discord: Well, It's just you and me on our picnic date. Eh, Catrina?

Catrina: I couldn't agree more, Discord.

Discord: What's say the two of us get ready for the Prehistoric Ceremony today?

Catrina: I would like that very much.

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