Ryan: So where are we now? 

Robin: Looks like a jungle of some kind. -

Nami: It's gorgeous here.

Doki: I'll say.

Cody: This place beats ancient Rome any day, eh, Owen?

They saw Pterodactyl

Ryan: Oh, no! This is a prehistoric jungle!

Usopp: I take back what I said. Rome is lovely this time of year.

Luffy: Look over there! 

They saw Dinosaur

Chopper: What's that?!

They saw the Phantom Virus riding the T. Rex

Viruw: How's this for a heavy hitter? 

Sci-Ryan: Oh no! He's riding a T. rex!

Duncan: Let's head for the trees.

Trent: It's too thick for them to follow.

They escaped from them


Duncan (Doki): That was a close one. 

Eric: They're doing pretty good so far.

Wembly: I'm wondering something here, fellas. Who activated that laser and sent those poor kids into the game?

Billy: Who knows? Could be anyone.

Kaufram: Even someone in this very room.

Back to our heroes

Sora: We hiked through miles of jungle and still can't find the Scooby Snacks!

Gwen: We'd better, otherwise we'll be stuck in this level forever.

Crash: All I know is that this virus likes to scare us in cyberspace...

Bender: much as in the real world.

They do did very good on the drawing

Robin: Nice work, boys.

Sanji:Which one of you did the drawing over there?

He pointed at the Volcano drawing

Both: Not me!

Franky: It looks like a volcano.

Brook: I wonder if it means anything.

Then everything is getting dark

Donald: Oh, no! The fire's going out.

Goofy: It's gonna be dark in a few hours, too.

Cody: Fry, Bender, Fico, Otto, it's your turn to get the firewood.

All:;All right.

Fry: Come on, Bender

Bender: Okay.

They pick up many Firewood 

Otto: Juat a few more sticks, and we can head back.

Fico smell something

Fico: Smoke! 

Otto:: Smoke? 

Fry: Ah! Up there!

They saw the tree burn down

Fry: The trees are burning! Where did that come from?

Bender: Volcano.

They saw it

Otto: Forget the wood, Scoob. We've gotta warn the others.

They went back to the cave

Noah: What happened, guys? Where's the firewood?

Fico: Ifmwe don't get out of here soon, we're all gonna be firewood.

Courtney: What are you talking about, Fico?

Otto: Volcano!

Gwen: Volcano?

They saw the Volcano and they know it's going to erupt soon

Ryan: Oh boy, looks lilik it's really cooking!

Robin: I bet that's where the Scooby Snacks are. That drawing is a clue to lead us to the Scooby Snacks!

Cody: But it's miles away. It'll take us hours to get there!

Ryan: Where there's a will, there's...

Minutes Later

They were riding a Woolly Mammoths

Fry: Woolly mammoths?

Fransworth: Mammoths didn't live in the same age as dinosaurs, but I'm not complaining!

Amy: I am! I wish Eric had put saddles on these guys. I can't take much more of this.

Hermes: I wish he'd made them smell better too. 

Leela: How are you guys doing?

Fry::Like, do you have an airsickness bag?

Zoidberg: Well, hang on, guys. We're almost there.

They made it to the Volcano

Ryan: Any sign of the Scooby Snacks?

Usopp: All I can see is smoke. And lava!

Leela: Look up there! 

They saw the baby Pterodactyl got his wing stuck from the boulder

Leela: That poor baby pterodactyl's trapped. 

Doki: Poor little guy. 

Then something shaking

Mundi: The volcano's erupting again. 

Mike: No. We've got company!

They saw the Virus riding the T.Rex coming

Zoey: Start climbing!

They climb to the Volcano and Phantom almost throw the spear at Bender

Bender: Yikes!

Robin: I think we're safe. T. rex is built for running, not climbing.

Nami: Look! The mama pterodactyl is trying to save its baby.

Chopper went off to save the baby Pterodactyl

Luffy: Hey! Where are you going, Chopper?

Anabelle: Be careful, Chopper! H

He made it to the baby Pterodactyl  

Chopper: Hi!

He push the boulder and got the baby Pterodactyl free  a and he saw the Scooby Snack

Chopper: Scooby Snacks!

The Lava is coming, the Baby Pterodactyl grab Chopper to safety and Chopper got the Scooby Snack

Usopp: He found the Scooby Snacks!

Then they have been transported to another level

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