Here is how Princess Yuna tamed the I-Rex in Genesis World.

Later that night, All the visitors evacuate from the island.

Princess Yuna: The island has been evacuated and the Piranhaconda didn't follow anyone ore anypony.

Princess Skyla: But what're we going to do about the Piranhaconda?

Oh: It was going to hurt everyone and everypony.

Prince Edmond: There must be someway we can do.

Then, Yuna came up a plan.

Princess Yuna: Alright, Gang. You all know the plan.

Snowdrop: Okay, Yuna.

Princess Sharon: I'm with you, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Thanks, Sharon.

Moon Starlight: Same goes for me.

Later, Skyla and the Royal Crusaders set the cameras on the four Velociraptors and the T-Rex. The hunt is on, Yuna was on her Motorscooter and the Predators followed Yuna.

Princess Yuna: Time to save Genesis World!

Charles: (screech)

Douglas: (screech)

Blade: (screech)

In the jungle, Yuna spotted something.

Princess Yuna: I think they found something.

Just then, Dawn came from her camouflage.

Snowdrop: What was that?!

Sunbeam: It's Dawn!

Dawn was about to devour when Yuna came forward.

Dawn: (growls and communicates with the Raptors)

Douglas: (growls and communicates)

Blade: (growls and communicates)

Princess Yuna: Those raptors are communicating with Dawn.

Snowdrop: Why?

Princess Yuna: Don't you all remember? She's part raptor!

Dawn: (staring at Yuna)

Yuna stood up to Dawn and started taming her.

Dawn: (growls)

Princess Yuna: Dawn. Easy, Girl.

Dawn: (screeches)

Princess Yuna: I won't hurt you. We're friends. Piranhaconda is not a friend.

Dawn: (begins to understand Yuna)

Suddenly, The Piranhaconda is coming up behind Skyla.


Princess Skyla: (looks behind)

The Royal Crusaders: SKYLA!

Princess Skyla: (screams)

Dawn: (roars and snatched Skyla away with her claw)

Pirahnaconda: (missed Skyla and slithered away)

Dawn: (shows herself from her camouflage)

Princess Skyla: It's okay. I'm alright.

Dawn: (makes a gentle growl)

The Royal Crusaders: Whoa!

Princess Yuna: (pets her) Good girl, Dawn.

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