This is where our heroes prepare for their vacation and where Nyx gets Deceptitrain info absorbed into her mind in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[it is now morning, and then we come to Equinelantis where we see our heroes packing up their vehicles]

Puffer: Okay guys, this is it! Our road to live in fancy.

Rachel: And have rest and relaxation.

Jenny: You said it.

[inside the castle]

King Solar Flare: I hope you'll be safe.

Princess Luna: Of course we will father, it's only a holiday.

Yuna: I'm finished packing mama!

Princess Luna: Good. Ask Snowdrop if she's done.

Yuna: Okay.

[Yuna then heads off to meet up with Snowdrop]

[then Twilight passes by]

Twilight: Hey, Luna! King Solar Flare!

Princess Luna: Twilight.

[Nyx then walks by]

Twilight: Nyx! Are you finished packing?

Nyx: Almost.

Twilight: Okay. finish up soon.

Nyx: Right. [she heads back to her dorm and continues packing but as she does something falls onto the floor] What's this? [picks it up] This must be an Alspark shard.

[Then all the cybernonian symbols are asorbed into her mind]

Nyx: AH!! [drops it]

[the shard then slides into another room and some small machine transform into tiny Decepticons]

Nyx: Whoa! That was intense!

[Soon she finishes packing and starts to head out, with her suitcases, but the tiny robots appear in front of her]

Nyx: What in the?!

Decepticon: [starts shooting]

Nyx: AAH! YAH! [starts hovering above, with her cases in her magical grapse] Go away! Leave me alone!

Twilight: Nyx?

Nyx: DECEPTICONS!! [flys out of the castle with the tiny bots on her tail] WE'VE GOT DECEPTICONS!!

[the tiny Decepticons then started to shoot at Nyx as she flys]

Nyx: AH! AAH! YAH!

Twilight: NYX!!

Brian: Deceptitrains?! Where the hell did they come from?!

[Tiny Decepticons start shooting him]

Brian: Get down! [hides behind a water fountain]

Rarity: JAMES!!!

[James races in and transforms]

James: [kills the Decepticons]

[The Decepticons try to get to Nyx, but are killed with each blast of James' plasma cannon]

James: [kills the last one] Take that, Decepticons!

Twilight: [grabs Nyx] Nyx, are you okay?!

Nyx: Yeah, I'm alright. All I found was this. [shows AllSpark piece]

Twilight: An AllSpark shard?!

Nyx: Yes. I found it in my room.

Twilight: Nyx, put that shard somewhere safe. Don't let anyone else touch it or even see it. It's not safe.

Nyx: Right. [Nyx heads back in the castle and finds a tiny tube container]

[Unknown to her a Deceptitrain narrow gauge engine is watching her]

Tronie: [speaks alien] "I found the filly, she has the shard".

Nyx: Morley, hide this. And make sure no one gets it.

Morley: [grabs the container] Right.

Peter: All packed!

Lois: Now, you boys have a nice trip.

Peter: Ah, don't worry Lois. We'll be just fine. Like that time I've discoverd the first mall in the jungles of Africa.

[Clip plays while we see Peter cutting the vines and sees the mall in the jungle]

Peter: It's very far from here!

[Clip ends]

Brian: Alright, alirght. Can we just get going now? The sonner we get there, the sooner we can have some decent R&R.

Thomas: Come on, Nyx.

Nyx: Coming, coming. [hops onboard]

Thomas: Off we go!

[they all set off for their vacation place, as the narrow gauge deceptitrains folows closely behind, and at the same time the Terminator pulls up in his motorcycle and then detects Twilight, and he follows close behind]

[sometime later, the T-1000 arrives at Equinelantis]

T-1000: Excuse me, are you fimilar with Nyx Sparkle?

Royal guard #1: Yes.

T-1000: Could I speak with her, please?

Royal guard #2: Fraid not, officer. She and her family just took off on holiday.

T-1000: Do you have a photograph of Nyx?

Royal guard #1: Oh sure, hold on. [heads back in the castle]

Royal guard #2: What's the trouble?

T-1000: I just need to ask her a few questions. [takes a look at the photo given to him] She's a good-looking foal. Do you mind if I keep this photo?

Royal guard #2: Yes.

Royal guard #1: If you wanna find them, I believe they were heading to the seaside.

T-1000: Thanks for your cooperation. [nods, and then leaves]

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