This is how Present Day, Canapy's death, Captain Thunderbolt returns, and Barricade reports to Megatron goes in My Little Pony Transformers: The Last Knight.

[We then see a war torn Manehatten]

[We see a school bus dropping off some foals]

Pipsqueak: Who would like to see some dead robots?

[We then see them walking past an engine for a spaceship]

[They then arrive at the crashed ship]

[The camera moves in to show us an injured Steelbane]

[Suddenly, a walker drone appears]

[The foals are shocked from this]

Walker Drone: You are trespassing on restricted territory. Remain where you are, so that a nearby squad may escort you to your houses.

[The foals remain where they are, no one, neither the drone or the foals noticing the little robot silently moving towards the drone, or the gun pointing at the drone]

[Then someone shouts out]

Kaitlin: Hey, bucket brain!

[The drone turns to her]

Kaitlin: [throws a couple of bottles at the drones]

[The gun shoots the bottle and blows up the drone]

[Squeeks wraps a rope around another drone and it falls over, destroyed, however, it manages to shoot off his arm]

[Kaitlin leads them through a building, where another drone falls over]

[cut to a TRF camp]

TRF agent: Sir, this area has just gone live. Two Sentinels are down.

[Kaitlin leads the foals away from the drone]

[Kaitlin and the foals hide under a pile of rubble]

[The drone walks away]

Snips: I almost had a heart attack!

Kaitlin: Relax. We're covered.

[Squeeks rolls up]

Kaitlin: Squeeks, what happened to your arm?

Squeeks: (beeps)

Kaitlin: They shot you?!

Snails: Wow, you have a really big heart.

Kaitlin: (glares at him)

Snails: Which seems to be useful at times like these.

Diamond Tiara: What's wrong with him?

Kaitlin: He can't transform. I tried to fix him, but you're being a baby about it Squeeks. You did great though.

[Just then, the rubble starts rising as the foals scream]

[Under the rubble is revealed to be the Autobot Refugee, Canopy]

Canopy: Hello.

Snips: What is that?!

Kaitlin: Relax. I told you. We're covered. That's Canopy.

[Canopy begins walking off]

[Cut back to TRF camp]

TRF agent: Sir, I am picking up five little feathers.

[The former Tartarus Wind member, who is revealed to be none other than Cheese Sandwhich comes over and looks on in shock]

Cheese Sandwhich: Shoot, kids.

[Back with foals]

Snails: Who is he?

Kaitlin: As far as you're concerned, my boyfriend.

Snails: Boyfriend? How long has that been going on for?

Kaitlin: [glares at him]

[Snails smiles sheepishly]