This is where we return to the present year in Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom.

[we now veiw Canterlot castle as the camera starts zooming in, and then captioning at the bottom appears saying, "1700 years later." Then we go inside the castle in the library and veiw Celestia and Luna scoping through many books and other things, like they're looking for something.]

Princess Celestia: Where is it? [she's looking through many of the books on the shelf]

Princess Luna: Any luck here, Tia?

Princess Celestia: No, it's not here either.

Princess Luna: Bother! [she marks of a section of the library on a sheet of paper that's a map of the library] Not in this section! This is crazy! We've been scoping our whole library and we haven't had any luck!

Twilight: Princess Celestia? [comes in] What's going on? What are you doing?

Barret Barricade: Yes, what is going on?

Princess Celestia: [sighs] Twilight, Barret, there is something we have to share with you.

[we are now in a different room and the rest of the team]

Twilight: So, what were you 2 doing?

Princess Celestia: We were searching for a certain book.

Barret Barricade: A certain book?

Princess Luna: Yes.

Princess Celestia: It's called: "The King's Journal".

Spongebob: The King's Journal? [he looks to Patrick who shrugs] What sorta book is that?

Princess Luna: It's a special book that is the key to finding one the great cities of Equestria that once stood.

Pinkie: Ooh, what city?

Princess Celestia: The great city of Equinelantis.

Brian: Equinelantis?

Princess Luna: Yes. It is almost like the city of Canterlot but much bigger, better, and it known for many of the many things Equestria has now.

Mucker: Like?

Princess Luna: Fine medicines, electricity, greatest riches...

Eugene Krabs: [races in] Did someone say, "greatest riches"?

Brian: Ahem

Eugene Krabs: Sorry, continue.

Princess Celestia: We've been searching for this book for a long time, but we've never come close to finding it.

Edd: [as Courage] Why didn't ya just ask for help?

Brian: Why didn't you call us?

Princess Luna: Because it is only if we have to.

Eddy: You mean you've spent years searchin' for the book, that you never thought to stop and ask for help?

Raj: No kidding!

Lazlo: Princess, is there something else about Equinelantis that you seek too?

Princess Celestia: Our father lives in Equinelantis.

Barret Barricade: Your father? Your Father lives in Equinelantis?

Princess Celestia: Mmhmm.

Princess Luna: That's why we wanna find Equinelantis, so we can try to find our father there, as well as our grandfather. [she sheds a small tear]

Yuna: Oh Mama, I hope you find that book, I would like to see grandpa.

Princess Luna: [places her wing on Yuna] Thanks sweetie, we need all the support we need. 

Yuna: I'm glad I'm here for you.

Willy: Maybe you 2 should take a break.

Princess Celestia: Okay, a break should do us good.

[but as they leave Barret walks next to Celestia]

Barret Barricade: Celly, why didn't you tell me about this sooner?

Princess Celestia:

[later on]

Yuna: Poor mama, I hope that they can find that book.

[she walks into her favorite library section and starts to search for a book when she comes up to a particular book she's never seen]

Yuna: What's this?

[she pulls out a covered object addressed to Luna and Celestia]

Yuna: Oh, my! I better show this to Mama. [she heads off]

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