This is how the present day and Thomas' introduction goes in Trainsformers: Engines In Disguise.

[In the present day]

Woman: Monsters!

[She is thrown to the ground by a hunter]

[The hunter leader grabs her pendant and they drive off]

[In the jungle, the hunters are attacked by a mysterious figure, the last one running off leaving the leader on his own. A head pops up in the shadows and startles him. The leader and the figure, who is a Trainbot, get into a fight and the Trainbot is the winner. The truck is returned to the village. The boy picks up the pendant that was taken from his mother and sees a hooded figure in a tree]

American boy: The Ghost of the Jungle.

[A few years later]

American boy: [to Meg Griffin] There. That's where I saw him.

Meg Griffin: Thank you. You'd better get home now.

American boy: Do you know the ghost?

Meg Griffin: He wasn't always a ghost.

[Meg leaves the boy on his own and finds the track near the fallen tree]

Meg Griffin: Hello? Anyone here? Hello?

[Meg falls down a hole and is caught by something or someone at the bottom]

Meg Griffin: What?

Manly voice: It's a long way from the city to just drop in.

[Meg looks up and sees she's in the hands of Thomas the Tank Engine (AKA OpThomas Prime)]

Meg Griffin: Thomas.

Thomas: Yes. It's me.

[Later, they sit by a campfire]

Thomas: So you came all the way down here to look for me?

Meg Griffin: Yes. But actually, I was already here on business. But then local legend started sounding familiar so I decided to snoop around.

Thomas: What kind of business?

Meg Griffin: Ancient artifacts. Some Ex-Con with too much time on his hands has his heart set on a collection of 3000 year old statues and all of them represent villains you've faced in the past.

Thomas: Well, you always did run with a strange crowd, Meg.

[Meg smiles]

Meg Griffin: Well, our strange crowd hasn't been the same without you. Things aren't looking so good back home.

Thomas: How bad could it be? Edward's probably got everything under control.

Meg Griffin: Well, Edward's taken up the job of being an IT tech support.

Thomas: But Edward's a genius. Why would he take a job like that?

Meg Griffin: At least he's keeping busy.

Thomas: Well, if he's doing that, who's keeping an eye on Percy?

Meg Griffin: Percy's gotten into the um... entertainment business. He's big hit.

Thomas: Alright. Let's hear it. What's James doing?

Meg Griffin: Nobody knows. He just sleeps all day.

Thomas: But what does he do all night?

Meg Griffin: I don't really know. Your training period ended a year ago. And Optimus says you don't write anymore.

Thomas: Optimus sent me down here to become a better leader. I can't go back a failure. Besides, these people need me more than my brothers do.

Meg Griffin: If Optimus Prime were here, he would ask you, "What is your heart telling you?".

Thomas: I don't know. I just know something's missing.

Meg Griffin: Your brothers need you, Thomas. They're lost without you.

[She looks down and then up and sees he's gone]

Meg Griffin: Thomas?

[She stands and looks around. The screen fades to black]

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