This is how Present day: The Symbiote Queen drains the life force from Diamond Tiara and Cheerilee goes in My Little Pony Transformers Bionicle: The Symbiote Queen's Revenge.

[In the present, the Symbiote Queen enters Ponyville]

Symbiote Queen: This won't hurt a bit, my dear Diamond Tiara.

[The Symbiote Queen holds Diamond Tiara's head up with her index finger and thumb and Diamond Tiara's life force comes out of her chest and into the Symbiote Queen's mouth as she inhales it]

Symbiote Queen: Sweet dreams.

[Diamond Tiara slips into unconsciousness]

Symbiote Queen: Such easy prey.

[The Symbiote Queen drops her]

Symbiote Queen: Now who should I get a life force from next? [looks at the school] Oh, how about Cheerilee?

[The Symbiote Queen goes to the school]

[Hours later, when the school ended, Cheerilee comes out of the school and the Symbiote Queen puts her under a spell and Cheerilee's eyes turn white]

Symbiote Queen: Follow me.

Cheerilee: Yes, my queen.

Symbiote Queen: That's right. I am your queen.

Cheerilee: You always will be.

Symbiote Queen: I always will.

Cheerilee: I will give you my life force.

[She follows the Symbiote Queen out of Equestria]

[The Symbiote Queen brings Cheerilee to her hive]

Symbiote Queen: Welcome to the home of the Symbiotes. Have a seat.

[Cheerilee sits down]

Symbiote Queen: I'm guessing you don't know me already.

[Cheerilee nods]

Symbiote Queen: Come now, my dear Cheerilee. I'm sure you've heard of me. Your life force will be mine.

[The Symbiote Queen then approaches Cheerilee and holds her head up with one finger under Cheerilee's chin and Cheerilee's life force exits her chest and the Symbiote Queen inhales it and Cheerilee's life force enters the Symbiote Queen's mouth]

Symbiote Queen: You are special, my dear Cheerilee.

[All of Cheerilee's life force enters the Symbiote Queen's mouth and the Symbiote Queen removes her finger from Cheerilee's chin and lets her head tilt down and Cheerilee slips into unconsciousness]

Symbiote Queen: Soon, every female pony's life force in Equestria will mine.

[She cackles as she leaves to find her next prey]

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