Preston "Stormer" is the leader of Hero Factory's Alpha-1 Team and one of invaluable allies in the crossover franchise.
TV Preston Stormer

Stormer's original form.

Stormer is a skilled Hero, has experienced hundreds of battles, and is a natural leader. He is very competitive, and specifically targeted the post of Alpha 1 leader because he believed he would excel in it. After the incident with Von Ness, Stormer is determined that no rookie or ally ever put a mission in jeopardy again and is especially harsh on them as a result; many prior rookies under his command either gave up or were transferred out. The incident also plagued him with feelings of guilt, and he often blames himself for things that go wrong with missions. Stormer is disinterested in popularity and believes that he should not receive praise for simply doing his job.

250px-TV Breakout Stormer

Current form since Breakout.

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