This is how Preventing Man from killing Bambi's mother goes in Crash's, Thomas', and Ryan's Adventures of Bambi.

[Ryan watches Bambi]

Bambi's Mother: Bambi? Bambi, come here.

[Bambi goes over to his mother]

Bambi's Mother: Look.

[Bambi's face lights up in joy]

Bambi's Mother: New spring grass.

[Both start eating but suddenly Bambi's Mother feels something in the air. Danger]

Bambi's Mother: Bambi, everyone, quick, the thicket!

Ryan F-Freeman: I think I know what's coming!

[Ryan, Thomas, and Crash run]

[Kuryan looks at the food]

Ryan Tokisaki: But what about our food?

[Ryan rolls his eyes]

Ryan F-Freeman: It's your food or your life.

[Kuryan gives up his food to save his life]

Ryan F-Freeman: Come on!

[Bambi, his mother, and the heroes run as a gunshot is heard]

Bambi's Mother: Faster! Faster, Bambi! Don't look back! Keep running! Keep running!

[Bambi, his mother, and the heroes run on]

[Kuryan sees Umarak not running]

Ryan Tokisaki: Brother!

Umarak the Hunter: Never run when you can fight.

Ryan Tokisaki: Guess I can help you.

[Man prepares to fire a shot at Bambi's mother]

Umarak the Hunter: Oh, no, you don't.

[Kuryan tosses his Keyblade at Man's gun]

[The Keyblade hits Man and he fires his gun, missing Bambi's mother]

Umarak the Hunter: Nice shot, Tokiman.

Ryan Tokisaki: Thanks. [to Man] You picked the wrong place to hunt, fool!

[Umarak fires his Bone Hunting Bow Shooter at Man]

Ryan Tokisaki: [swings his Keyblade and charges at Man]

[Sounds of clanging metal, punches, and gunfire is heard]

[Man retreats]

Umarak the Hunter: Don't hunt again.

Ryan Tokisaki: Yeah, Man. You run. And don't you dare come back!

[Kuryan goes with Umarak]

[We see our heroes]

[Umarak checks on the team]

Umarak the Hunter: Is everyone alright? Bambi's mother's here, Bambi's here, the team's here, Kuryan's here, I'm here. Who am I forgetting?

Ryan Tokisaki: I guess Man is a tough one and Ryan killed Apocalypse in one time.

Bertram T. Monkey: Thanks to you, Bambi's mom is safe from Man.

Matau T. Monkey: Yeah. But, now my master's been attacked by an elephant.

[We see Ryan getting swung around by an elephant]

Elephant: [trumpets]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa!

Elephant: [trumpets]

[Crash looks at Umarak and Kuryan]

Crash Bandicoot: We are proud of you, guys.

Ryan Tokisaki: Yeah. I guess Codylight is the Element of magic as well.

Umarak the Hunter: Yup.

[Kuryan sees that Ryan is hitting an elephant on the head with a baseball bat]

Ryan Tokisaki: I guess it is the Circle of Life.

[Umarak nods]

Evil Ryan: More like a circle of Friendship if you ask me.

[Kuryan chuckles and goes to Umarak and hugs him]

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