Here is the scene where Primus gets resurrected in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

(We then cut to see a dead body of Primus who was killed by Zekrom back in the previous movie "War of the Apocalypse")

Dr. Eggman: There he is, Primus. It's a shame that he was killed by Zekrom. But no matter, I'll take him to my lab and revive him.

(Cut to Eggman's lab where he is reviving Primus)

Dr. Eggman: Now it's time that you awake Primus!

(Primus is then revived)

Primus: Yes! I'm back!

(Then Primus flew closer to the ground, and landed)

Primus: Fellas, I'm home.

Orbot: Primus, We were... so relieved to hear of your resurrection.

Primus: You left me to die on that pathetic insect planet.

Cubot: Only to help spawn our... new army. Master Xehanort decrees it! After all, in your absence, someone had to take command.

Primus: [growls]

Orbot: [yelping]

Primus: So disappointing.

Orbot: Hatchlings! Hatchlings! Careful, fragile!

Primus: Even in death, there is no command but mine.

Orbot: No, no, no-

Hatching: [squeaks, death throes]

Cubot: Whoa....

(Cut to Primus talks to Demon God Demigra, Black Doom, Galvatron and Master Xehanort)

Primus: My friends, I have failed you on earth. The heroes have saved many Legendary Pokémon and without them, we will never rule the world.

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