Primus Onslaught (New Look)

Primus' Heartless Form

Primus Onslaught (formerly known as the Xenon 10,000) is the original villain of the Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1 adventure series. years ago he was created in a unknown world with the help of Master Xehanort, he was made to be the most destructive fighting robot in the universe with massive powers, weaponry and a A.I. far beyond then anyone can imagine. However he became too powerful and too smart, he starts destroying everything and everyone in his path, most of them did everything they got to defeat him but it failed, and he began killing more people in the universe. However, he was defeated and sealed away by Aqua for his evil deeds, but few years later he somehow Primus manage to escape, Now that he's free, he will continue his mission. "finding those who are connected to the Seven Guardians of Light, and kill them by any means necessary."