10. Prince Dusty Poster
Prince Dusty
is the ninth episode of the first season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Dusty Crophopper and Princess Yuna had been great friends, Prince Hiro and Princess Luna wanted to honor Dusty's Coronation as the new Prince of Equestria.

Hiro and Luna's discussion

One day in Canterlot, Prince Hiro and Princess Luna were having a discussion about their daughter, Princess Yuna's friendship wih Dusty Crophopper.

Telling Yuna and Dusty the news

Prince Hiro and Princess Luna told Yuna and Dusty the news that their going to proclaim Dusty Crophopper as the new Prince of Equestria in honor of his friendship with Yuna, That made Princess Yuna and Dusty very happy and excited.

Dusty spends the night

Later that night, Dusty ask about spending the night and Prince Hiro and Princess Luna let him and bestow a gift for him, They'd tranformed him into an Eath Pony and gave him Mechanical Wings so he can fly and explain that if he think of being an Airplane again, He'll transform at will anytime and that made Dusty very happy.

Dusty's Coronation

The next day, there was a coronation for Prince Dusty Crophopper, Each royalty bestowed gifts in his honor and all of his friends were so proud of Dusty.

A New Family Member to Yuna

Yuna asks her parents about Dusty being a new member of the Royal family and they'd agreed and Princess Celestia and Princess Luna proclaimed Dusty Crophopper, A crop dusting airplane who became a racer and a firefighter as a nephew figure of the royal family and everyone was very happy.



  1. Prince Ali - Discord's version

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