Prince Koro is a beast from the HBO children's program, "Happily Ever After Fairy Tales for Every Child."  He has the
Koro 000
body of a bear with a head of a rhino, the hump of a camel and the tail of a lion.


A evil. sorceress turned Prince Koro from a handsome young prince into a hideos beast.  The only way the spell could be broken is if someone fell in love with him regardless of his appearance and without knowing about the spell.   The Beast ananomously welcomes the lost merchant into his castle, which is located in the middle of an African desert.  He doesn't reveal himself to the merchant until he plucks a rose from the Beast's garden. Koro offers to spare the poor man's life in exchange for sending his daughter, Beauty, to live with him.  At the first glimps of Beauty, the Beast thinks about how he can impress her.  Evidently, he learns to just be his kind, comedic and well-mannered self, and Beauty is happy living in the castle with him.


  • Koro first appeared in "The Halloween Door II"

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