This is how Princess Atta defeats Umarak goes in


[Umarak arrives at the portal to the Shadow Realm on top of the Black Volcano in the Black Crater in the Region of Stone]

Umarak the Hunter: The door to the Realm of Shadow. At last, I can get away.

Princess Atta: I don't think so.

[Umarak turns to see her]

Umarak the Hunter: I'm surprised you came here alone.

Princess Atta: Well, I'm not technically alone.

Umarak the Hunter: Really?

Princess Atta: Really.

[Atta snaps her fingers and the Toa show up]

Umarak the Hunter: Toa!

Tahu: You tried, Umarak.

Onua: But you should try harder.

Lewa: At this rate, your plan's not going so well.

Gali: It's gonna be foiled eventually.

Pohatu: By us.

Kopaka: Together as one.

[The Toa bring out their weapons and new Toa, Attuna, joins them]

Umarak the Hunter: And who is this?

Attuna: I'm Attuna. A Toa in training. [brings out her Ant Blade]

Umarak the Hunter: You wish to defeat me with that?

Attuna: I'd do anything to serve my creator, Princess Atta.

[Attuna and the Toa charge]

Umarak the Hunter: You should've took my deal. [pins Atta against a wall with his bow] Now you will spend the rest of your life living in the Shadow Realm.

[Atta stops and thinks of an idea]

Princess Atta: I got news for you, Shadow Man. It's not your deal, it's mine. [kicks him off]

Umarak the Hunter: At least I still have this. [sees his talisman is gone] My talisman! Where's my talisman?

Princess Atta: Right here. And like before, in the end, it's always the Toa that get the victory. [smashes it to the ground]

Umarak the Hunter: [horrified] No. No. Duh. How am I ever gonna pay back my debt?

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