Princess Cadence

Princess Cadance, also known as Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, is a pink alicorn, niece of Princess Celestia, and wife of Twilight Sparkle's brother Shining Armor. During Twilight's childhood, or fillyhood, she was her foalsitter. She's considered by Twilight to be "the greatest foal-sitter in the history of foal-sitters," as Twilight remembers Cadance as someone who would greet her with a hug, bandage her and wipe her tears when she's hurt and play with her on a swing set. Twilight and Cadance also used to do this little hoof-shake dance together. Cadance eventually became Twilight's sister-in-law after she married Shining Armor. Her special talent is to spread love wherever she goes.


Cadence is light pink in body color. Her eyes are a vibrant light purple. Her hair is stripped in colors of pale yellow, bright pink, and purple. Her cutie mark is a sky-blue crystal heart with golden laces. She wears a golden crown with purple jewels, a golden necklace, and golden hoof-guards.

Relationship with Skyla

After Skyla was born, Cadance took care of her as a caring mother does. When Skyla was one month old, She and Shining Armor had been taking turns with Skyla and she always go first. While making hoofpaints, they make a mother and daughter hoofprint painting. Years later, They play games together and had their mother and daughter activity.

Relationship with Tyrone

After Tyrone was born, Cadance was so beautiful and he would treasure her. When Tyrone cries, She'd come for him, Even when it's time for his bottle feeding, She even sings him a lullaby and sometimes plays the music box to help him sleep.

Relationship with Yuna

In Princess-Sitting, when Twilight and Cadance began to babysit Yuna as a baby filly, It was a lot of fun. Then, Yuna kissed Cadance because she loved her big cousin and they've loved each other ever since.

Relationship with Isamu

In Cadance Knows Best, Isamu begins to love Cadance and she begins to play with him sometimes. Later, Isamu thinks that Cadance is the beautiful cousin to play with. Then, Isamu kissed her in the cheek every time she picks him up. And Cadance begins to play with Isamu. And they did some hoof painting.

Main Weaponry

  • SIG SG 540 rifle
  • Winchester Model 12 shotgun
  • .45 colts SAA "Artilery" revolvers
  • Rapier sword