Princess Celestia
 (voiced by Nicole Oliver) is a beautiful white alicorn and ruler of Equestria. She's also the older sister of Princess Luna and mentor to Twilight Sparkle. Her goal, other than ruling her kingdom, is controlling the sun and raising it in the morning, and setting it at night. Her sister controls the moon at night. Although considered a wise ruler, she's also fun loving and impish, but never does anything that can harm her subjects.

Celestia is seen as a highly respected princess by the FT Squad.  Also, Celestia serves as a Future Time Travel Authority, serving the organization from Equestria.


Princess Celestia has a white coat with a very slight pink tinge, purple eyes and a flowing violet, azure, green and cyan mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a sun. She wears a golden crown with a purple jewel and a golden necklace collar with dark gold lining and a purple gem in the middle and she wears golden hoof guards.

Relationship with Indy and Anna

Princess Celestia is a loving and caring mother to her own baby twins. She and her husband, Prince Duck, had been taking care of them ever since. Indy and Anna begin to love Celestia very much. So, she plays with her son and daughter by playing Hide and Seek. Indy and Anna enjoy their time with her, so they wouldn't get lonely.

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Relationship with Yuna


Relationship with Snowdrop