This is how Princess Celestia and Princess Luna vs. Thunderwing goes in The Return of Thunderwing.

[Princess Celestia and Princess Luna arrive at Thunderwing's lair]

Princess Celestia: Thunderwing!

Princess Luna: We have come as you requested

Thunderwing: Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, I see you got my message.

Princess Celestia: Yes.

Princess Luna: Now hand over Twilight!

Thunderwing: Your attempts to get your beloved fourth Alicorn back are too late. Twilight Sparkle is now loyal to me.

Princess Celestia: What?!

Princess Luna: No!

Thunderwing: I've waited a long time for this, my dear Princesses of the Sun and Moon. At last, your fourth Alicorn is on Unicron's side.

Princess Celestia: Not if we have anything to say about it.

Princess Luna: You will fail, Thunderwing, one way or another.

[Princess Celestia and Princess Luna use their magic to blast Thunderwing]

Princess Celestia: Your rule is at an end. And it was not short enough.

Princess Luna: You are not going to win this fight. Not on our watch.

[Thunderwing gets back up, impressed at the blast Princess Celestia and Princess Luna gave him]


Princess Celestia: We will end this rule of yours.

Princess Luna: And you will fall.

[Princess Celestia and Princess Luna unfurl their wings]

Thunderwing: You two cannot stop me. With the Dark Spark, Twilight will become more powerful than either of us. [unfurls his wings]

Princess Celestia: Very well.

Princess Luna: We will fight you alone.

Thunderwing: So be it!

[They glare at each other for a moment, run at each other, and trade blows]

Thunderwing: If you two are so powerful, why have Twilight and her five former friends do your dirty work to defeat Discord and King Sombra instead of doing them yourselves?

Princess Celestia: Because they weren't friends at the time.

Princess Luna: So we couldn't task them with it.

Thunderwing: I see.

Princess Celestia: Well, now that they are, Discord has reformed.

Princess Luna:

Thunderwing: And what happened to King Sombra?

Princess Celestia:

Princess Luna:



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