Young chrysalis by purplefairy456-d4xea9q

Princess Chaos

Princess Chaos
(or Chaos Fang Changeling) is Discord and Queen Chrysalis' daughter.


Princess Chaos Fangs Changling is the daughter of Queen Chrysalis and Discord, she has no respect but treats fair with her younger brother. She often sticks her mother hoping to learn how to rule the changlings when her time comes. But she'll spend time with her father when she has to. She is also a close friend to many of the Changlings. She also has a taste for equine's hearts.


Princess Chaos is rude, disrespectful and cruel. But she's nice to her parents and her young brother. But sometimes, she'll be mean to her brother.

Sword skills

Princess Chaos has also been taught to fight with a sword by her mother and she can easily duel anyone with her signature sword. But she also carries a small dagger in her hoof guard.


Unknown to any villains, Discord had proposed marriage for Queen Chrysalis years ago. And then after the events from the wars, the Changling Queen gets pregnant. Then after 2 weeks she goes into labor and gives birth to 2 children named Princess Chaos and Discsalis. However, Princess Chaos was born 10 minutes earlier than Discsalis.

Skyla as her Target

Princess Chaos' main target is Skyla, this is due to her mother targeting Cadance. Princess Chaos is will try to do anything to get Skyla, including trying eat the young filly's heart, because she believes her power will increase to a huge amount.. [but she knows her mother will punish her if she does, but sometimes she forgets]. But she might often run the tip of her dagger on Skyla's mane and tail. But she will still hunt her to the end.



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