Princess Nyx to the Rescue is the fourth episode of the seventh season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


When Nyx learns that Blade Ranger is a TV Star with his co-star, Nick Loopin-Lopez, She wanted to show him and her new family what a special Alicorn she was.

At the Piston Peak National Park

One day, Princess Nyx and her guardian, Cheetor are taking their trip to Piston Peak National Park to learn to become a rescue member.

Nyx learns that Blade is a TV Star

At the Piston Peak Air Attack, Nyx and Cheetor meet the whole rescue team, Windlifter, Lil' Dipper, Cabbie, The Smokejumpers, Maru and Blade Ranger and she discovered video tapes and figured that Blade was the TV Star of CHOPS.

Learning about Fire Safety/Training Nyx to become a firefighter

Later, Maru taught Nyx about Fire Safety, Then she learned everything from Dipper, Windlifter and Blade to become a firefighter.

FIRE!/Nyx saves the day

There was a fire in the forest. Then, Yuna and Dusty came, Nyx came along to help put out the fire as Cheetor, Tigatron and Airazor rescues the Animals who lived there, Then, Yuna, Dusty and Nyx got the fire put out just in time and it was Nyx's idea, Everyone looked up to her for being brave enough to be a firefighting princess.



  1. Fire Safety (song) -
  2. One Last Hope - Blade Ranger
  3. Music score -

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