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Princess Twivine Sparkle
is an evil clone of Twilight Sparkle. She is now one of Master Xehanort's apprentices and a member of the Thirteen Seekers of Darkness.

In "Princess Twivine Rises!"

Main Weaponry

  • Red Lightsaber
  • Darksaber


  • Twilight Sparkle combines the element of magic and her rainbow power to defeat Omega Brony and Tirek. She proceeds to the Tree of Harmony in attempt to restore it with her magic. Suddenly, a poison vine appears and puts her to sleep. When Twilight woke up, she was captured by the plunder vines and she found out that Omega had set a trap and survived her magical abilities. He starts the transformation by having the plunder vines drain Twilight's magic and let the dark energy take over her body. She becomes "Twivine Sparkle", the dark princess of the plunderseeds. She will use the vines to drain everypony's magic and feed it to the Everfree Forest.
  • Princess Twivine Sparkle will make her very first apperance in Emerl's Adventures Of Power Rangers Megaforce
  • Princess Twivine Sparkle was voiced by IMShadow007
  • Princess Twinine Sparkle is also now King Sombra and Nightmare Moon's second daughter.
  • Princess Twivine is Clone Thomas' marefriend.
  • Princess Twivine makes her appearance in Princess Twivine Rises!
  • Twivine is Ryvine Sparkle's sister.


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