Princess What's-Her-Name is Earthworm Jim's girlfriend on "Earthworm Jim." She is beautiful and firey, despite that on her home planet, Insecktica, she is considered ugly. During the show, at first she doesn't understand Jim's crush on her, but warms up to him and falls in love with him. She has red hair in a ponytail, a human peach like face, blue eyes, and wears a black jumpsuit with a yellow top, black shoes and black/yellow leggings. She is voiced by Kath Soucie.


Long ago, as stated by What's-her-Name, she and her sister Queen Pulsating-Bloated-Sweaty-Pusfilled-Malformed-Queen-Slug-for-a-Butt were born, but What's-her-Name was considered ugly and spent her lonely days in the dungeons while her sister was being treated like a queen, becoming a royal brat. As she grew up, she vowed to overthrow her sister and become queen with the help of rebels of the evil Queen. How she met Jim is unknown, but she warms up to his crush on her and they are dating. What's-her-Name has a love for pizza.



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