Princess Wildlife is the Princess of Cruncher's Island. And she shares the island with Cruncher and her native.


As a child, she was addicted to animals (whom her original name was Abigail). Then after a storm her helicopter crash on his island and her parents died. She was nearly killed by a T-Rex group when Cruncher arrived and saved her and he adopted her. Then she made her own staff and left Cruncher, and met people who lived on the island and she was princess. Then she was now called: "Princess Wildlife".

In Cruncher Returns

When our heroes believed Pooh was killed the the 2 T-Rex's they were soon surrondedd by natives, and they took them to their kingdom. And there they meet Princess Wildlife and asks them what are they doing here. Skyla explains she found the map to the island, and she decieds to let our heroes to explore the island some more.


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