Princess Yuna's Rival is the fifteenth episode of the seventh season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Princess Yuna and her cousin once removed, Princess Jubilee became arch rivals and get themselves into trouble, Especially during school.

One faithful day at school

It was a beautiful day at Wallace and Gromit's Middle School, Yuna is doing so well.

Jubilee grown jealous of Yuna

Jubilee was at class with Yuna and the other Princesses, Whenever the question was asked by Wallace, Yuna give out the answers and that got Jubilee very jealous. Then, She's planning to do some mean pranks on Yuna.

Cafeteria catastrophe/Food Fight

Later, Jubilee has done some mean pranks on Yuna, Then At Lunch, Jubilee tripped Yuna and a bowl of Tomato Soup flew and fell right on Jane Kangaroo. Just then, A Food Fight has started, It kept going until Dean Hardscrabble had to break up the Food Fight.

Two Princesses in Detention

In Dean's office, She had a to teach Yuna and Jubilee a lesson by giving them Detention until their parents come to pick them up at the end of school. During detention, Yuna had to ask Jubilee why she had to be a bully and she explained that she got picked on back at her home with her parents, Then, She apologized to Yuna for treating her badly as Dean came and explained that their parents are on their way soon.

A new start for Jubilee

Later that day, Yuna invited Jubilee to join her and her friends, Then, Rattrap came and explained that Princess Trixie proclaimed him as Jubilee's new guardian, That made Jubilee happy as she except being part of Yuna's group.



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