Princess Yuna- The Last Jedi Dragon Master poster

Princess Yuna: The Last Jedi Dragon Master poster

Princess Yuna: The Last Jedi Dragon Master
is another written series to by made by Stuingtion.


Long ago the four Nations and Jedi lived together in peace and harmony but everything changed when the Fire Nation and the Sith attacked. Then during a huge war, the majority of the Jedi were vanquished. 300 years passed and Sunset Shimmer and her zebra daughter, Sunrise Shimmer. discovered the new Jedi, Princess Yuna, but they are hunted by a banished Sith named "Brian". And now Yuna must master all four elements and become strong with the Force in order to save the world and destroy the Sith.




  • General Grievous (appears in the third episode of season 1)
  • Nightmare Trix (first appears in season 2)
  • Princess Black Hole (appears in season 2)
  • Princess Chaos (appears in season 2)

List of Episodes

Season 1: Air

  1. The Alicorn in the Ice Part 1
  2. The Alicorn in the Ice Part 2
  3. The Snow Queen
  4. The Siege of Arendelle Part 1
  5. The Siege of Arendelle Part 3

Season 2: Water

Season 3: Earth

Season 4: Fire

Season 5: The Force

Season 6: Return of the Jedi

  1. Courage
  2. Nightmare Eclipse Part 1:
  3. Nightmare Eclipse Part 2:
  4. Nightmare Eclipse Part 3:
  5. Nightmare Eclipse Part 4:


Season 1

  1. King Godzilla

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6


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