Professor Z
Professor Z's defeat

Professor Z's defeat

Professor Z, for short Zundapp, is the main later secondary antagonist in Cars 2.

During the film, it is learned that the Professor is not the main villain (as believed at first) nor is he the leader of the lemon cars. As it turns out, he is actually working for Miles Axlerod. Since Professor Z is a scientist, Miles has him invent an electro magnetic pulse device which is disguised as a World Grand Prix camera, to use on the racers that use the gas Allinol. This was all part of a plan to turn the world against alternative energy and have all cars rely on gasoline, bringing profits to the lemon cars and himself due to the fact that they own the largest untapped oil reserves in the world.

In the end, Professor Z is missing his monocle, tied up by Finn McMissile, and tazed by Holley Shiftwell. He ultimately is arrested in London.