The way Professor Z tries to escape and fighting the Changlings and Carmen and Juni's robot clones goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventure with Spy Kids.

Professor Zundapp: GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [continues pressing the button several times] GAH!!! [sees our heroes] GASP!

Percy: Turn my best friend into a bomb will you?!

[most of the team pull out their weapons]

Edward: Prepare to meet your makers, Professor!

Professor Zundapp: Ee, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [runs away]

Finn McMissile: Guys! I'll get Zundapp, you find Thomas and the Cortezs!

James: Right away!

Holley Swiftwell: Got it!

General Dedrich: I'll catch up with you guys later, I'm gonna help McMissile!


Tubbs pacer: Okay, your highness!

Vladimir Trunkov: Let's get that tank engine and unicorns!!

Queen Chrysalis: [to her changlings] My Changlings, get them!!

In the halls.


Twilight: NEVER!!

Back with Floop and the Cortezs.

Floop: Come on. We have to keep the army from leaving the castle. Our only chance is to get to the control room... and hope that their missions have not been programmed.

Ingrid: And what if they have?

Floop: Then there's no one on earth who can stop them. One at a time.

[the dopplegangers show up]

Floop: Left, left, left, left! That way. [notices Gregorio and Ingrid aren't behind them] Where's Mom and Dad? [they take a look on the viewing screens] Your doppelgangers have them.

Juni: Can you shut them down from here?

Floop: It's too late. The Third Brain is linked not only to them... but to all the robot children.

Carmen: Can't you remove it?

Floop: We can't take 500 brains out!

Carmen: So don't. Just reprogram it.

Floop: That would take weeks!

Carmen: Just two words.

Floop: A binary switch. Of course. So they would define right as wrong....

Carmen: And wrong as right. [to Juni] Come on.

Floop: But it's not that simple.

Carmen: Figure it out. We'll be back for you

Juni: Teach them to be good.

Back with the Professor.

Tony Trihull: Hurry Professor!

[Finn then drives behind the Professor and then hooks into his bumper]

Professor Zundapp: AAH!!!

Finn McMissile: [guns it in the opposite direction] YAH!!! Do you really think I'm going to let you float away Professor?! [Then something starts pulling on the Professor] GRRRRRRR!!!!!

Tony Trihull: [using an electromagnet to pull the Professor towards him, then tries to blow up Finn]

Professor Zundapp: Give it up, McMissile!!

General Dedrich: NOT YOUR WATCH!!! [drives straight into view and starts deploying his bombs which stick to the magnet] YIPPY KI YA, YOU DAMN GERMAN DESTROYER!!! [fires a rocket]


In the halls.

[Thomas races by another Gremlin]

Blue Gremlin: [on headset] Hey, they're coming your way.

Gremlin: [to the pacer] Let's go!

Pacer: [chuckles evilly]

[The two turn around]

[our heroes come down the hall way in the opposite direction]

Skarloey: We can't let the villains hurt Thomas and Twilight!!

Dusty: Right! Come on!

Mako: [looks around the corner] Here he comes!

[then they hear a growling squeal]

Mucker: And the Changlings too! [cocks his shotgun] We're gonna have to fight them.

Sharky: Okay, after Thomas races by, we'll jump out and surprise the Changlings!

Pinkie: Oh boy, a surprise party! Is it their birthday?

Rattlesnake Jake: Not that kind of damn surprise, ya dumb pony!!

Steamy: Get ready!

[Thomas races by]

Thomas: Hey guys!

Uray: Now!

[they jump in front of the army of Changlings]

Changlings: [they stop and grin as they look upon the group]

Hugs: Look like we're gonna have to do this the "gunny" way!

Changlings: [prepare to attack]

Dusty: So those are Changlings.

Ferdinand: That's right.

[everyone starts shooting at the Changlings]

Mucker: [on radio] Finn, we need you and the General! An army of Changlings are fighting us!

Back with Mr. Lisp and the others.

Gradenko: Have a seat, Mr. Lithp. You'll be more comfortable.

Mr. Lisp: It's Lisp. My army, Ms. Gradenko, is the only comfort I need.

Minion: They on their way, sir.

Mr. Lisp: Minion? What happened to your head?

Minion: Oh, don't worry. I think it's reversible. [he and his 3 other heads smile]

In the halls.

Carmen: MOM! DAD!

[their robot clones show up]

Juni: Careful. They're stronger and smarter now.

Carmen: So are we. Yaah! [the robots run away] See? [but then the robots run up the walls and flip back forward] Oh, shi...take mushrooms. 

[they then walk straight up to the robots]

Carmen: [ shoots a cable onto the ceiling and hoists the robot Juni up]

Juni: Whoa! [being spun by the robot Carmen] Ohh! Ohh...ohh...ohh... ohh...ohh...ohh...

[robot Juni watches Juni being spun around]

Somewhere else.

Gregorio: Let's go. [the 2 jump and land in the main room] Lisp. Should have known you were behind this. I take it you are Minion.

Minion: [Giggles]

Gregorio: Ms. Gradenko...I think.

Ms. Gradenko: Oh, it's me, all right. I owe my new look to your children.

Gregorio: Remind me to raise their allowance.

LISP: Minion, I think now would be a good time... to see a demonstration of your wonderfully demonic children.

Minion: Certainly.

Back with Carmen and Juni.

Robot Carmen: [throws Juni down the hall then faces Carmen but then Robot Juni comes off the ceiling and grabs her]

Juni: Arrg!

Robot Carmen: Your parents were so easy to capture... and you're not any better. Poor little Juni. Defenseless and weak. [punches a huge chunk out of the wall] You're a worthless little squirt. [blows the dust from her hand]

Carmen: Juni! Don't listen to her. You're not worthless! You figured out how to get us here. You helped Floop realize he was good, not bad. You talked to the Fooglies and saved Mom and Dad. You're strong, Juni! You're strong! [Juni punches the wall] You're not that strong, Juni!

Juni: Ow.

Robot Carmen: [Grabs Juni and lifts him up] Puny...Juni. It's all over.

Holley Shiftwell: NOT YET, IT ISN'T!! [deploys her tazer gun and tazes the robot]

[Carmen and Juni shove the robots on the wall]

Carmen: Instant cement! That should hold them.

[Cement cracking]

Carmen: Let's go find Mom, Dad, and the others.

Juni: Good idea.

Holley Shiftwell: Follow me.

Back with our heroes.

Dusty: man! These Changlings just don't quit or stop coming!

James: I know, we find that out when we first encountered them!

Percy: Keep fighting! We can't let them beat us!

Steam Driller: Luckily, we can defeat them with our guns!

Finn McMissile: [drives in with the General] Hang on! We'll give you a hand! [deploys his guns and starts shooting]

Toby: Take this, Changelings!

Applejack: [reloads her coachgun] Eat this ya no-good varmints!!! [fires both shots]

General Dedrich: Eat lead, suckers! [starts shooting the Changlings with his Gatling guns and Zaners, which destroy a huge amount of the army]

[everyone keeps up the gunfire, until there are hardly any Changlings left]

Dazzlen: Not to finish the last few! [uses his flamethrower, which burns up the remaining Changlings and there are no more]

Evan: That takes care a' that.

J.J.: Let's find Thomas and Twilight.

Back with Thomas and Twilight.

Thomas: Twilight, I'm serious! Let go!

Twilight Sparkle: No, I won't!!

[our heroes then come up behind]

James: There they are!

Dusty: We've got them!

[Then the Gremlin and Pacer appear right behind them]

Edward: Look! It's the Gremlin and Pacer!

Henry: Oh no!

Percy: Finn, hook yourself on the back of me! I'll drive, you take care of the lemons!

Finn McMissile: Got it! [hooks onto Percy's back coupling with his right grappling hook]

Gremlin: There they are! [deploys a rocket launcher]

Finn McMissile: [deploys a wheeled motorized jack]

Gremlin: [the jack tilts the Gremlin] Whoooaaaa!!!! [fires the rocket but flips over] AAH!

Finn McMissile: [launches a missile which hits the rocket]

Pacer: [pulling a ton of wagons in front of the group]

Percy: We're gonna crash!!!

Dusty: I'll get it! [shoots a gap in the train of wagons]

Pacer: [gives chase, shooting at our heroes with his Vickers]

Rainbow: [grabs her M4, cocks it. Then shoots at the Pacer and shoots out a tire]

Pacer: AAH!!! Whoa! [falls into a tanker of sludge] AWWW!!!

Skarloey: That will take care of them!

Sir Handel: Let's get the bomb off Thomas!

Apple Bloom: Right away!

Sweetie Belle: Come on!

Scootaloo: Duncan, the main hall and step on it!

Duncan: Right away, Scoot!!

After Thomas stops in the main room.

Thomas: Holley!

Holley Shiftwell: We have to get the bomb off you, Thomas.

Twilight Sparkle: A bomb?

Thomas: Yeah, the villains strapped it to me, to kill you and Cadance for Queen Chrysalis' revenge plan.

Twilight: Queen Chrysalis?

Gustis: By my calculations, that bomb is powerful enough to blow up a whole 737.

[Finn shoves the Professor in the room]

Professor Zundapp: You! How did you get out of your prison cell?!

Mucker: Wait, where's Carmen and Juni?

Holley Shiftwell: They're on their way right now.

Finn McMissile: Turn off the bomb Zundapp!

Professor Zundapp: Are you all so dense? It's voice-activated, everything is voice-activated these days.

Steam Sweeper: Why am my not surprised?


Uray 1st, Dusten 2nd, Tune 3rd: PINKIE! STOP! DON'T DO THAT!!

Bomb: Voice denied. [it starts up timer which starts at 12:30]

Steam Driller: Pinkie, you dumb-head! Those bombs can only be disarmed by the one who armed it!

Professor Zundapp: Why, that's correct.

Holley Shiftwell: [deploys her tazer] Say it!

Professor Zundapp: Deactivate.

Bomb: Voice denied. [the timer decreases a minute from 12:06 to 11:06, then continues]

Professor Zundapp: I'm not the one who activated it. Would anyone else wanna try? [Holley tazes him] AAAH!!!! DIIII!!!

Finn McMissile: You read my mind.

Holley Shiftwell: [scuffs] He was getting in my nerves.

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