Walt Disney Animation Studio - TV Asahi - Fujiko F Fujio 80th Anniversary

(Above the lave walking along a Large Cliff, a Chained up Phineas ,Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet and Buford is in the Middle. Noby ,Sue, Mimimi, Sneech and Big G is in the Right. Doraemon, Dora-Rinho, Dora Med 3, Wang Dora and El-Matadora is in the Left. Dora-Nichov, Dorami, Jaidora, Dorapan, Candace and Doofenshmirtz is in the Far Right. Perry, Pinky, Terry, Peter and Dora The Kid is in the Far Left are Trudging to their Doom. At the end of the Path, A 30 feet Giant Goozim is in a Cage, it Roar loudly)

Phineas: I'll be Honest Perry I'm having a hard time putting a positive spin on this.

Perry: For What? 

Phineas: Well after we arrived the 22nd century from Doofensmirtz inator, We met The Doraemons and Rescued Their Friends from that Mad scientist, We got send to be 2nd Dimensions. We battle Cyborg Animals and we Reunited The Resistances. And rescue their pets and let them escape without us, and That Mad scientist just Deleted all the Gadgets from the 22nd Century, And now, We got send to our Doom from a Giant Goozim. (The Goozim Roar Loud)

El-Matadora: Yeah? Well, welcome to MY life!

Wang Dora: Matadora now is not the Time for That.

El-Matadora: And why not? (The Goozim Roars, he hide behind Want Dora)

Wang Dora: That's Why!!

Perry: Huh. But even though how do we get into This Mess?

Phineas: You want to now why. Well it all started this Afternoon. 

To Be Continued

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