This is how the prologue goes in Doctor Aaron's Adventures of My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Ever-free.

[Doctor Aaron tosse and turns in sleep, In his dream, he is walking in the Crystal Cave]

Doctor Aaron: Hello? Sci-Twi? Sunset? Gloriosa Daisy? Where are you?

[Doctor Aaron then hears laughter]

Doctor Aaron: Who's there? Who's that laughing?

Unknown voice: Doctor Aaron.

Doctor Aaron: GAH! Who said that? How do you know my name? Whoever you are show yourself or I will find you myself.

Unknown voice: I know you will, Doctor Aaron.

[Doctor Aaron sees a glow of pale green light coming from the distance]

Doctor Aaron: What is that?

[Doctor Aaron run towards the light he then hears laughter and spots Sci-Twi and Sunset tied up with vines]

Sci-Twi: Doctor Aaron!

Doctor Aaron: Twilight! Sunset! Thank goodness I have found you two. Who did this to you?

Unknown voice: That would be my doing.

[Doctor Aaron turns around to see two green lights in the dark and then, a girl with blue hair, wears a green dress that looks like Midnight's but with leafs, green leggings with brown straps on the feet and lower legs, a vine with green crystals for a hair band, a flower on each foot, brown gloves and a necklace comes out of the shadows]

Doctor Aaron: Gloriosa? Wait. You're not Gloriosa. You got some magic.

Gaia Everfree: [laughs] That's right, Doctor Aaron. I am so happy for you to see me.

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