This is how Flash Sentry's performance goes in Thomas' Shrekly Adventure 3.

[The film opens to Flash Sentry running through a forest which is actually part of a performance he's doing]

Flash Sentry: Okay. I can do this. The princess is at the highest room in the tallest tower. She'll be happy when she kisses Flash Sentry.

[An audience is watching]

Daffy Duck: Flash looks good.

Ryan F-Freeman: No he's not. He looks rediculous. I can't know dinner theatre.

Knock Out: Can't know it? I hate it!

Pinkie Pie: Well, I love it. At least the Dazzlings are on our side.

Rainbow Dash: I agree with Knock Out.

Buck the Weasle: Me too.

Sonata Dusk: Me too, Buck.

Pinnochio (Shrek): Me three. [his nose grows]

Ryan F-Freeman: Pinnochio. Why is your nose grows like that?

Rainbow Dash: He told a lie.

Sci-Ryan: Thanks for telling Ryan, Rainbow Dash.

[On the stage]

Princess Odette: Hark! My noble Flash Sentry approaches.

Flash Sentry: Fear not, my dear princess. I shall slay the one who's guarding you and take my rightful place as king.

[An actor dressed as Thomas the Tank Engine comes on to the stage]

Sci-Ryan: Yeah! It's Thomas!

Sonata Dusk: Go Thomas! Yeah!

Matau T. Monkey: Can you two be quiet? Flash is about to say something.

[On the stage]

Flash Sentry: Prepare, foul creature. Get ready to enter a world of pain in which you are not familiar.

[the crowd laughs]

Cody Fairbrother: You're funny, Flash![throws an apple at the tower]

[The tower behind Flash starts to topple]

Flash Sentry:[clears his throat] Prepare, foul creature.

[The tower falls on Flash and he stands in the base of the window]

Ryan F-Freeman: Flash Sentry! Are you ok?

Pinkie Pie: Of course. He's standing in the base of the window.

[The crowd laughs]

Sci-Ryan: Way to go, Flash!

Flash Sentry: Some day, you'll be sorry. [storms off the stage]

Sci-Ryan: We already have.[to Princess Odette] Are you ok up there?

[Princess Odette nods and the Thomas actor continues to go over to her. Outside, Flash goes into an alley]

Flash Sentry: Well, my proformance is ruined.

[He sits down at his dressing table and starts to cry]

Flash Sentry: Huh? A photo?

[It has the Fairy Godmother on it and a caption: "Don't stop believing"]

Flash Sentry: She's right. I can't let this happen. I can't. I'm the true king of Far-Far Away. And I swear to Princess Celestia. I will restore dignity to my throne.

[the hooded cyborg clone gives Flash a newspaper]

Flash Sentry: And this time... no one will stand in my way. No one!

[He screws the paper up and throws it away]

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