This how the prologue goes in Fracture Strikes Back.

[We begin in outer space where a glowing yellow object flies through Space and lands on Earth. The Decepticon Fracture climbs out]

Fracture: There it is. Hah. OpThomas Prime won't have to hide from me much longer.

Mystery villain: What makes you say that, friend?

[Fracture turns and sees Evil Ryan, Evil Anna and Bertram T. Monkey behind him]

Fracture: Who are you?

Evil Ryan: I'm Evil Ryan. This is Evil Anna and Bertram T. Monkey.

Bertram T. Monkey: Hi, there. Allow us to introduce Airachnid.[turns to Airachnid] Airachnid, come out here and say Hello.

Airachnid: Hi.

Fracture: It's nice to meet you, Airachnid. [turns to Evil Ryan] Evil Ryan? Why is Airachnid obeying your every command?

Evil Ryan: Evil Anna, Bertram and me sang to her and she fell under our spell.

Fracture: How did you three do that?

Evil Anna: Siren Pendants, duh. [shows her pendant to Fracture]

Fracture: Cool. You three must know the Dazzlings.

Evil Ryan: Yes. Who are you and what are you doing here?

Fracture: Fracture. I'm a Decepticon Bounty Hunter. I'm looking for OpThomas Prime. He was presumed dead after Cybertron's destruction eons ago.

Evil Ryan: I'm sure that OpThomas is not dead.[turns to Airachnid] Airachnid, show Fracture a photo of OpThomas Prime, please.

[Airachnid holds up the photo]

Bertram T. Monkey: Does he look familiar to you, Fracture?

Fracture: Yeah. I could've sworn.

Evil Anna: I think that OpThomas is the last of the Train-Primes.

Fracture: Whoa! Airazor! Divebomb! Get in there and find information on this newbie.

Evil Ryan: You have Mini-Cons?

Fracture: Yep. [two missiles come off his shoulders and transform into the Mini-Cons Airazor and Divebomb]

Evil Anna: Aww. You're so cute.[hugs Divebomb] Hi, I'm Evil Anna.

Divebomb: I am Divebomb.

Airazor: And I'm Airazor.

[The two Mini-Cons head towards the military base and the title goes by]

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