Here's how the opening prologue and the one star night goes in Hiatt Grey's Engines' Adventures of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

[One night, we see our heroes relaxing in the stars]

Thomas: What a relaxing night.

Twilight: Yeah, it sure is.

Skyla: Stars.

Cadance: That's right, Skyla. Those are stars.

Shining Armor: And they tell stories of the past.

James: You know, if Gordon was taking a midnight express right now. I bet he'll be a shooting star on the tracks.

[Everybody laughs]

Gordon: Ooooh, your such a good one James.

Dolphy: Yeah. And I remember the time where we stole the Death Star plans. [gasp covers his mouth]

Thomas: What?

Percy: What?

Ben: What?

James: What?

Gordon: What?

Twilight: What?

The Mane 6: What?!

Apple Bloom & Scootaloo: What?

Sweetie Belle: What?

Cadance: What?

Dolphy: What?

Terence: You said something about stealing the Death Star plans.

Knockout: Dolphy! I told you not to tell anyone!

Shining Armor: "Not tell"?

Dolphy: I didn't! I blurt it out by accident!

Mighty Joe: Yeah, well now they know!

[Soon Hiatt Grey's engines started arguing with random questions]

Thomas: Guys.

[There still arguing]

Thomas: Guys!

[There still arguing]

Thomas: GUYS!!!!

[They stop arguing]

Thomas: Enough fighting! What's going on?

[There was a long silence]

Jenny: I think we should tell them.

Knockout: Alright. Before we met you guys, the Battle of Yavin IV, and the destruction of Alderaan, we were part of a Rebellion squad to steal the Death Star plans.

Everyone: [gasps]

Pete: Yes, it's true.

Apple Bloom: Can you tell us what happen?

Sweetie Belle: Yeah! Tell us!

Daylight: Oh, guys. I don't think you might not like it.

Twilight: Oh, come on, Daylight! We were in a Blockade Runner with those plans, and were chased by Darth Vader's forces, so I think it's for the best if you guys tell us.

Mighty Joe: [sighs] Alright. But it's a long story.

Rachel: And one, I don't want to be reminded of. And just to let you know, we've seen terrible things far beyond any of you can ever imagine.

Theodore: It's okay, you can tell us. It'll be very interesting. Besides, we've seen terrible things during the time of the Clone Wars, and our adventures with the Ghost Crew.

Puffer: Very well, Theodore. We shall. Now, this is the story that could have made us true heroes, but we weren't. This is the story... of "Rogue One". Let's start from the very beginning.