This is how Prologue: Optimus' narration and Moon Mission goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

[We see Cybertron]

Optimus Prime: (narrating) We were once a peaceful race of robotic organisms.

[We then see a battle going one between the Autobots and Decepticons]

Optimus Prime: (narrating) But then came the war. A war led by the Autobots, who fought for freedom. And the Decepticons, who dreamt of tyranny.

[Many Autobots are killed]

Optimus Prime: (narrating) Overmatched and outnumbered, our defeat was all but inevitable.

[We then see the Ark fly away from the battle, chased by Decepticon ships]

[The ships fire at the Ark]

Optimus Prime: (narrating) But in the war's final days, one Autobot ship escaped the battle.

[The Ark returns fire]

Optimus Prime: (narrating) It was carrying a secret cargo that would have won us the war.

[One ship fires a missile, which then fires more missiles]

Optimus Prime: (narrating) It was our last hope.

[The Ark tries to get away, but is hit by all of them]

Optimus Prime: (narrating) A hope that vanished.

[The Ark drifts off into space]

[We see a space monitor satellite detecting it]

Technician Pony: Sir, we've got something.

[We then see the Ark crash land on the moon]

[Cut back to Equestria]

[We see a car arriving at Canterlot castle]

[We see some high ranking officers heading inside to meet with Celestia]

[They enter her office]

Officer Pony: Your majesty. We just detected a crash happening on the moon. We think the Grussians are on to it as well.

Princess Celestia: Well then we need to get a team together, and put a pony on the moon before the Grussians do.

[Cut to some astronaut ponies boarding a rocket] 

[The rocket launches into space]

[A shuttle lands on the moon]

Gilda the Griffon: Houston this Gilda. The Eagle has landed.

[The ponies in the control room cheer]

[We then cut back to the moon]

Mission Control Pony: (on Comm) Gilda, you and your crew are clear for the mission.

[Gilda pulls out a file labeled top secret]

[She and her partner, Lightning Dust, make their way to the Ark]


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